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Wanted: Little Dot MKIII 230V

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Little Dot MKIII 230V

Willing to Offer: 160 USD/120 EUR

I'm looking for a Little Dot MKIII 230V preferably from an EU seller. 
Condition doesn't have to be perfect, but sound quality must be what MKIII is famous for. 
If you have other tubes then stock available I'm very interested and i will of course pay extra for them. The same goes with a good quality RCA cable. 
Price I'm offering is based on condition but around 160 USD or 120 EUR + shipping 

I you haven't figured it out, i live in Sweden.



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For Sale: €680 (EURO)
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A very nice woman in Holland offered her MKlll and they are now rocking my hd600 as we speak as well as the HD 540 and D5000smily_headphones1.gif

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