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me too!

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Originally Posted by highfell View Post

With the arrival of the new Rega DAC , I picked up a new original Rega DAC for half price after scouring the net for reviews of it and comparable models. I am feeding it via an Ibasso dx90 coaxial into the Rega and then into a Fatman 202 Valve Amp (with NOS Tungsol 6550s) into Revolver 3 speakers.

Wow - it sounds good, really good, straight out of the box.

Organic sounding, warm analogue but never muddy and very transparent. Great separation.& more detail being discovered in recordings that I have "known" for years. Step change in sound quality.

I am not surprised that it has had such good reviews and that it bettered many more expensive machines.

It isn't a flashy machine, simple interface but it just seems to do what it should do, ie reproduce music in a very natural manner and there is nothing to dislike with it.

Grab yourself a bargain, while you can.


+1 ... did something similar, last weekend, at a local dealer. Love this thing.

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Still got mine from 2011.  Its a very special DAC with a special quality of making music sound great.  OK its not the most revealing DAC but its got a liquid type sound that I just love.  


Anyone picking this up at half price has got a great deal :)

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Yup Definitely a great dac. Colored but good :)

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Not sure where people are getting this unit for half price, the best I can find is 200 off not bad, even though it is  nearly 4 years old it should be half price..

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