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Fake Grado SR-325is on ebay? is it me?

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Hey, I dont want to make a legitimate claim but, im just bringing this up to other headfiers that might know more than i do. I just recently got into the game. 


The reason why I suspect it might be fake is because the seller had put in print in the ad:


"While I am not certain that these are legitimate, everything led me to believe they were when I purchased.  Also, I've personally seen the same exact "paint fade" effect on a previous set of SR-80s that I've owned, so you may put that fear to rest.  However, I cannot make any guarantees."


Also of the picture take a look at the very last picture.


The last picture shows the holes of the driver, i think thats what its called.  it looks like there are more holes on the right side than the left.  Is it just me that see it that way?  i dont know how to explain that but do you guys know what I mean.


heres the link



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Haven't heard of a fake Grado, let alone one of the higher end models. As for the last pic, the holes seem the same, it's just that the material they use to cover the driver seems a little blurry or shaky.

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It looks like these are just the older version and not the newer 325is.  The pics look legit to me and the sweet wood case would be a nice bonus.

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^Exactly.  Those are the first generations after the golds.  The nice box will set you back $80 directly from Grado if they still have them.  Bid and you may just get a stealing deal, and if you want to get closer to the HP2 sound, get them Magnumfied. 

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I love that case.

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