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Custom Detatchable mono IEMs or regular earphones

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Hey everyone. Happy to be here and extremely eager to get into "audiophilism" seriously. I want to start a thread dedicated to modifying IEMs and earphones specifically making them monos/ detatchable like the panasonic 900's(zircons) and the ue superfi's and triple fi's.


Now my specific quandry. i work out a ton i love music but i hate blaring it and damaging my ear drums because i actually like the way it sounds. Every little note and every part of the most remote registry that i can manage to pick up. i even hate clubs because of the long term hearing damage (their systems are barbaric and rudementary in design..."louder is better") The clearer and more presice  my music is the more happy i am, So much so that I would prefer to listen to all of my music in FLAC and since I am broke I purchased a SANSACLIP PLus(Which I Plan to Mod to 60/80/more GIGs if they dont come up with better MicroSDXHC technology soon) to add to this I want to try my hand at production so i dont want to damge my god given equpment. I DO NOT WANT TO SWEAT IN HEADPHONES OR WEAR THEM OVER MY EARS AND FEEL THAT HEAT so i am checking out IEMs or earphones if I can't afford to work out in IEMs.

I have destroyed and disconnected neumerous earphones by detaching the cord or tugging it or just stress on it and even more so when i work out. SO I came up wiht a solution. Let the phones detatch from the weak puny wire and buy a new one. Keep your music change your equpiment. But the solution is far from a popular one with mfrs. So I want to solve the dearth of available solutions by giving birth to the solution. how about We The People, get together and make our dreams come true? Relialbe safe highquality eqipment that we can use for as long as the money we paid for it dictates in damn near whatever way we want.


To this end i pose a question. :

"Which of you great audipophiles and knowlegable intrepid souls would know or like to start in the practice of modifying IEMs and earphones irrespective of their cost and use to be more durable and mutipurpose and servicable?" Lets pull info together here and make a thread that can accomplish this, and connect the people in need with the people that can , and the information needed with the people who shall.  Lets make rampant effectively modified detatchable earphones an epidemic.


Take the challenge . Stand with me. To hell with mediocrity.


further more I'm looking into the sennheiser cx adidas mi coach IEM's due to their active lifestyle friendly construction. I want to make this mono at the earpiece and strong enough to pull away at tension but not damage the earpiece. I'd start on any old regular earphone to practice.         looking foward to u guys collaboration.

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realizing no responses I really want to build a detatchable gearphone set can somone inform, advise or direct me to the sorces. or is it impossible?

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I am not sure I fully understand what you are asking. Are you asking for IEMs with detachable cables? There are plenty of those. Are you talking about building your own IEMs? Are you asking to make universal IEMs more durable? Just turn them into customs. Though expensive, I think one company will even put your custom in some metal. BTW, how can you modify a Sansa Clip+ to have 60+ GB of memory?



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Hey violin i was saying that i wanted to take an IEM or an earphone and after purchasing it modify the cord(into the actual monitors or phones) and put a male female connector on them  that would be strong enough to permit it to detatch underload and not damage the actual drivers and connectors in the phones/monitors. I am willing to deal with degradation of a cable but the actual monitor i want to keep working for as long as possible. Thats the durability part of it and the detatchable part.  I don't have the financial means to purchase shures or the panasonic hje900 and i'm dismayed that no other mfr makes detatchables that are affordable it seems simple enough I know weak products mean high repurchases but you could build a certain degree of profitability into cord replacements and maybe swaps.   So i just want the cheapest good flat response or moderate soft bass monitors i can find and to make them seperable so that i dont destroy them doing deadlifts or bench jumps. im really into individual monitor seperability.      



most of all thanks for the reply Violin... and apologies for flooding the forums i haven't figured out how to delete my posts yet.

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as far as the sansa...i'd crqack it open and permanently implant some sdcards if need be i'd modd the case and mold an extension or compartment to provide that space. i htink it will work it just wont be as smooth running as we'd think. or pretty

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Are you wanting to use a 3.5mm jack? Otherwise you could probably mod a guitar Snap Jack.

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