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For Sale: NIB westone 3 for sale

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For Sale:
NIB westone 3 for sale

Will Ship To: US

unopened, replacement unit from westone (new, not a refurb), NIB w/ a year and a 3 month's of warranty coverage left, $255 shipped within the US

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Only allow 2 pms a day?

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please email me at



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Btw, do you know the difference between w1 and w3? I am using the w1, I don't know whether there is a huge improve on it.

I have sent you an email. Thanks.

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... If you are asking about the difference between Westone 1 vs Westone 3. Yes there is a massive difference.


Now between the Westone 3 and the SM3? They are very different in the way they present music.



Just to give you an idea, I sold my Shure SE530, went to triple fi's had that with Westone 3 together... then sold both and settled for the SM3. ^^


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Send PM. blink.gif

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I am guesing you don't want to sell them to me? It's better to let me know than ignoring me?

I had been waiting for your email for 3 hours last night.

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