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I am currently using some Bestbuy Koss KEB40's and I think they sound great but when I did a little more research, I believe I got ripped off. I didnt know any better at the time. I will be returning them and for the same price I went ahead and ordered the brainwavz M2. But my dilemma is this..


Should I spend the extra and get the Ultimate Ears Superfi 5 Pros?? Is there a big difference?? At the moment I can get a deal on them and I would have to cancel my M2 order. Are the SuperFis and M2 a world of difference?? I'd like to pick either one up as soon as I can.


Also how is each one for jogging/gym?


I listen to a wide range of music and love the highs of classical when im studying and love the bass in the gym. 


I appreciated any comments or advice.