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Originally posted by spinoh2k1
Alrite people look u hav made ur points and i hav made my points, just leave it like that and calm down. It start out as a peaceful debate and now is a war of words just chill ppl.

Look we all need 2 meet up and smoke da peace pipe and relax .
Who's not relaxed or chill? I think you're confusing informed debate with arguments
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I have brought my new MD player!!!!! I have auditioned the Sony E900, Victor PX-70, Sharp ST880 and Sharp ST70. And I finally bought the ST70. It's sad that I forgot to bring my own MD for auditioning, I only bought my Altoid and my Grado 80s. The Dolby surround headphone effect on the ST880 was, how should I put this, a little too artificial, it didn't really give me the actual real life soundstage that it should produce. I know quite a lot of people here adore their E900s, but...maybe it was the music that I was listening to, the MD the store provided was just filled with Pop and Hip-Hop music. The sound of the E900 and the Victor has added too much coloration to the music, while the 70s was perfect, the drums and synthesized guitar really sounded natural. I'll have an extensive review of it in a couple days, but I'm not really used to the technical jargon that should be used, so feel free to ask me questions if you find it confusing.
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Look forward to reading your review, Odin!
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The sound of the E900 and the Victor has added too much coloration to the music
The E900 has a 7 step bass and treble setting, only accessible through the remote...did you get to try playing around with those before declaring the E900 "colored"? After playing around with mine I'd say my E900 sounds quite dynamic and lively, and more clear sounding than Panasonics definitely. Victor JVC takes after Panasonic's sound (they have the Panasonic trademark "Train" EQ mode too). Sharps still get my nod for final treble detail though as in they have a very slightly better extension, but with some EQing Sony's players are very close to Sharps now.
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Hey Vertigo,

Where do you set your treble and bass setting for preset 1 and 2?

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I think this is how you set bass/treble presets: Press "sound" for 2 seconds, the "B" (bass) level for one of the presets will show. press sound once to jump between presets, press and hold sound to change between bass and treble of the same preset. Twist the knob (in REW/FF mode) to adjust. When you're done, press enter and presets will be saved.

Doesn't this sound like touch-tone class registration? I could be wrong about the method (I really think Sony should've made it easier to use, this is too much for my brain), so some E900 user please chime in

Odin, I wish I could audition all of those... everyone seems to complain the same thing about the ST880, but I'd like to hear it, just to see what it sounds like.

From my experience, JVC doesn't take on the Panasonic sound. They use more treble (Sharp-esque) and cuts down on the midrange... Happy reviewing!
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O damn, i think i worded my question very poorly, sorry Vertigo,

What i was actually trying to ask was what are your settings? I have mine set at as follows:

preset 1: bass:7, treble: 8
preset 2: both are at 8

Again, sorry i can be a schmuck sometimes


ps. This is for my MZE75 model.
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