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Superlux HD662F - Anyone heard em?

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Superlux HD662F - Anyone heard em?


I can find tons of info on the HD668B and 681, but was looking for inexpensive closed cans and came across the 662F's. So if anyone had any input/impressions etc on them that would be great.

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I've listened to 662 series, but I forgot which one. AFAIR (As Far As I Remember) they are 3 different tweak of 662: standard 662, 662F (tweaked for more upfront sound) and 662B (tweaked for more bass). I think it was the 662B and 662F. They both are very good, especially for energetic musics. Not as smooth as HD668B, the high rather grainy, and brighter. The sound-stage isn't as wide and the separation isn't as precise either. But overall more lively, engaging. Rock sounded much better on 662F than on HD668B. The 662B has bit more bass, not as upfront (a little bit. From the tweak I guess). What kind of music you listened to? Other closed cans from Superlux is hD669 (kinda closed version of 668B) and HD651 (headfonia just reviewed this cans here: http://www.headfonia.com/portable-basshead-superlux-hd651/). The HD669B has more bass, hitting harder, deeper bass, and more bright. But less wide and bit less precise separation. Isolation is better than HD668B. I never heard of 651 so no comment there.
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The HD-662F is very flat that tends to give some the impression of being mid heavy but it has very natural bass IMO much better sounding then the HD-660 ... and it has thicker pads and good isolation. I like this can a lot..  perfect for studio tracking.  editing this post...  after spending some time with theses cans...  all of the 662 series are studio worthy...  just the best for tracking. and real world listening.


I get a lot of people ask what is the pro's and con's of this can vs that can so... this is just my opinion of course being a studio engineer.  



 the HD-668B is a favorite very smooth, open ear feel... your not closed in at all & has a EQ curve similar to the DT990  comes with a 1 meter and 3 meter this can is kinda like Guzzler's Gin just a good smooth drink.  
the HD-669 Closed ear has a bit of a wow factor, very deep lows, with a EQ curve similar to a HD 280...   thick pads... and good isolation for noisy environments.  I like this can in a few ways but it is dark and upper sibilance ... just Strange.    I keep my mod'ed one. 
I prefer open cans and use my HD-681 a lot, it has some what of a nice smile extreme lows and far reaching highs... some find this can a little too much, but i like it... for listening to noise's in your mix...  and Classical music listening.    This is the best can on the this earth.  have the 681F & 681B ... but too afraid to open them up...  
On the other hand the HD-668B have less volume and just a great can for enjoying your music... preferred by many...  all of these cans have 50mm driver and all sound different with different EQ curves.  I don't use the HD-668B as much as I do the other in the studio that is. 
The HD-662F Closed ear is a Flat very natural bass a non removable cord... very good isolation i think this should be a studio tracking favorite. ( except studio vocal booth's need open can's ) just a great natural sounding headphone.
I think all these cans are good headphones..... and all of them are superior to most cans in the same price range... and better then much higher priced can's in many case's ... ( freak ok I sell this ****,,,,, but Yea we also use it..  and it works .. i like it. )))
sorry had to edit this post .... i can't believe what i wrote the first time. :~)    Doyen  

Doyen AudioHipster recording services 

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^ thanks for those thoughts


I think I'll order the 681 and 681B, see what 20/25 euros can sound like.


Too bad I can't find any store in EU, even online, which sells 668B.

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Originally Posted by Proglover View Post

^ thanks for those thoughts


I think I'll order the 681 and 681B, see what 20/25 euros can sound like.


Too bad I can't find any store in EU, even online, which sells 668B.


 Being a starving studio and forced to sell pro audio, just to keep tape rolling, i did hear thru the hop fields that the US distributor will start to carry the HD-668B again... (aprox 2 months) I've been trying to get them to get the (man thats a sure give away that i am from eastern Kentucky) who does grammar like that anywho? :~)  669 662F ORFT mic's, but no luck yet, so have to get from Canada, but I do ship international... if i can help any way...  Doyen  

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Not even sure that I should post this here, or start it as a fresh thread -


I just picked up 3 pairs of CAD MH310 headphones.  After comparing them to pictures and specs online, I come to the conclusion that they are rebranded Superlux HD662F's.  Here's my full review:




I got these for just under $50/each (which is why I bought three, I was just looking for two!).  What can I say, except this is the best fifty bucks I ever spent!


Right away, I like the build - they feel good and solid.  I like the feel - they are a tight fit, but not too heavy.  Best of all, I like the sound - I am used to a mostly flat response from my AKG 240 M's: good for the headphone portion of mixing, so I can hear what's really there, and listen for anomalies...these CAD MH310's have a bit of a "smile" eq to them.  A really nice listen: lots of bass, bright but not unnaturally so, and pretty good isolation. 


JUST what I was looking for for tracking, plus a LOT NICER sound quality than I expected, so a pleasure to just LISTEN on these.


I didn't expect to get all IMPRESSED, just wanted some "pretty good" fifty-dollar cans for tracking.


Nice surprise.  Now I'm going all over the house, trying them on cd players, mp3 players, portable dvd, the monitor amp in the studio, and listening to scores of cd's again...what fun!

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  After spending some time with the HD-662F i use these more and more and don't prefer closed cans... but these just sound amazing... much more useful to me then the 668B or 660 and many other costly headphones... for the money i see these becoming a studio standard. Wow the 662 & 662B are freaking amazing as well ... like these can's.  Doyen AudioHIpster  edited 10/17/11

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i bought a pair of 662B.


open box and it sounds .............

high broken, really, broken

boring mid and flat bass


but after 1 hundred of burning it in

the high much improve, smooth and sharp

bass is tight and deep,

mid a bit, but not much improve


another 100 is coming........


good buy


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Funny I find HD669's bass to be their weakness, I feel the bass lacks depth and isn't tight and solid either...

Make no mistake about it, for 30 Euro headphones the bass is good though.

Originally Posted by AudioHipster View Post


...the HD-669 Closed ear has a bit of a wow factor, very deep lows (a drummers heavenly headphone Yonrico took one home last time we tracked) very smooth highs, with a EQ curve similar to a HD 280 pro but better... this is the most expensive can Superlux offers thicker pads... and good isolation for noisy environments.  I use this can a lot. 
 ... the bass on the HD-669 & 681 are unmatched even on some 800$ and up cans.  

Doyen AudioHipster recording services 


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Hey Mink, after spending some time with these 669 i do agree... they have nice deep and dark feel but can't take the Bass, bottom's out if pushed into extreme...  and has a untamable upper sibilance.  still like listening to some music with this can.    

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