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it's true the best deal? I just do not want to miss something
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There is no "best" in audio. Your best might not be my best and vice versa. All you can do it demo and/or take the information presented and make the best educated decision you can and hope for the best. The whole point of any of this is to listen to music and enjoy it. That is why music is there, for us to enjoy. People get way to hung up of gear and they start missing the point. It's no longer about the sound, the feeling, the emotion. So just buy something, listen to it and enjoy it and stop worrying about the best. If you get your gear and you don't like it, send it back or sell it and buy something else until you get something you do like. And for christ sakes stopping making these threads asking people to do your work for you. If you have a job, do you ask your co-workers to do your work for you or do you do it yourself?

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you're right.
I think I'll buy he5le + hdp or audio-gd nfb-1912 or fun.
I understand that the audio is subjective, but there are graphics and fidelity. I think so you can evaluate what is best. but of course this does not mean that it will be like.

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popcorn.gif They see me trolling, they hating.


Buy stuff and resell it if you dont like it.   Everything is hyped and fanboyed to the nines on here.  Buy hyped stuff so it sells faster when its the same as last years audio equipment.

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@ArmandHammer: I think you should just stop responding to his questions, he will eventually go away if no one responds etysmile.gif

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