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Question about converting FLAC to ALAC with Max

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Just started using Max to convert FLAC files straight to ALAC. The ALAC files end up a bit bigger in size than the FLAC files. I read on another forum that some people convert from FLAC to AIFF then use iTunes to go to ALAC. Just wondering what issues there with these or other options? I want to end up with high quality iPod ready files but space is always at a premium so if there's a way to keep the files a little smaller that would useful.

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I haven't been able to get anything directly from FLAC to ALAC in 24/96. That's where using an intermediate step like converting to AIFF is necessary, at least for me. I use XLD to convert from FLAC to AIFF, then import to iTunes and convert to ALAC. This is the only way I have found of keeping the bit resolution and depth. I would use a program like Mediainfo (http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/en) to make sure the files are kept in their correct settings when using Max, just to make sure.


As for pros and cons, I've never found any issues with the process, although as a general rule, the less converting, the better. With lossless files it shouldn't make any difference, as long as the original bit resolution and depth are maintained. I've found myself in the same file size boat as you, and that's the price you pay if you want your files to be playable on the iPod. But keep in mind that iPods won't play anything over 16/48 (I think), so using ultra-high-resolution recordings won't help unless you make an extra copy at a lower resolution for the iPod, keeping the higher one for desktop use. Hope this helps.

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I started having problems with Max and then I switched to XLD. I haven't looked back since. Give it a try :)

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Max works with standard resolution music, but struggles with high rez stuff. It also causes errors whenever I instruct it to add the converted file to iTunes -- there's always an error.


Switching to XLD (as the poster above mentions) solved both of these issues for me.


Good luck!

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My flacs are stored on a NAS and I've been converting those files over my wireless network to alac stored locally on my macbook. I assume that a 1:1 copy is achieved if the conversions complete without errors regardless of the 0s and 1s being converted over the wireless network?

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I have had no problems with Max and iTunes. Most of my files are downloads so I'm not sure of the resolution. I figure whatever it is FLAC to ALAC is good enough for me.

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On my mac I run windows out of bootcamp andI use dbpoweramp for my ripping needs
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