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Free to a Good Home: Sennheiser HD650

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This Classified is Closed

Free to a Good Home:
Sennheiser HD650

Will Ship To: Australia

Sorry this is for Australia only.  One HD650 to give away.  It will be sent using Registered Post so a photo identification is required upon collection.  

The lucky person will be decided by me. 


Update 1 : I have received more than one interest so this will go into a draw.  Please be aware that the item can arrive damaged or not arrived at all.  I can't do anything once it is out of my hands.


Update 2 : Entry closes on 29th Jan 2011 at 00:00 Perth time.  


Update 3 : Entry is closed.  There are 18 members in this draw, each has been assigned a number and a random number generator will be used to pick the winner.


Update 4 : The HD650 goes to yifu

Edited by Audio-Omega - 1/29/11 at 4:00pm
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For Sale: $850 (AUD)
For Sale: $1,500 (AUD)
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Wow. Kudos to you mate. I hope whoever this goes to realises how lucky they are.

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Indeed. Wish I was in Australia :C

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Damn you Tasman Sea *shakes fist* , nice thing to do mate and congrats to the eventual recipient.

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yea hope the person who gets it have hours and hours of musical enjoyment!

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best giveaway to date? :D

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wow that is awesome. im in melbourne and i would love to enter. do i pm you or just need to post on this post?

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Audio-Omega, that's extremely generous of you. Just starting out with headphones and have heard good things about the HD650 so consider me interested in this one. I'm on the Gold Coast.

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That's unbelievable.  What an awesome giveaway!  Cheers!

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wow what a insane give away!

i'm also based in melbourne please add me to the draw thanks!

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This sounds quite good but why are on earth are you tossing away money? Your incentive? Pictures please
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I am interested! biggrin.gif Ever since hearing a HD650 I have yearned to own a pair. My face when I heard that bass...everyone around me at the meet laughed hahaha.
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Originally Posted by swbf2cheater View Post

best giveaway to date? :D

old headfi were a lot more like this..

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Can we clarify whether its Australia or Australiasia only? I'm in New Zealand... I guess I miss out.


What the hell is this emoticon?deadhorse.gif

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Unfortunately I don't live in Australia so I don't count ( though I would be willing to pay shipping to US) 


At any rate I would still like to thank you for giving to the community! I love it when people selflessly give to others. If I ever have a pair of headphones I don't use I think I will give them away.

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