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I am currently using audiograbber (with lame encoder) software to rip cd. I am quite satisfied with the result. Except the tracks name are all missing so I have to rename one by one. But now the lyrics plug in can't recognize all the songs. Can anyone help me with these? Is it ok to rip cd with itunes or windows media player? or is there better way to rip CD?
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I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I take it you're ripping to mp3 due to the encoder used. What lyrics plugin are you talking about?


iTunes mp3 encoder is terrible, even windows media player is better. I've read somewhere that iTunes encoder could be switched, though. But which format do you want to use? mp3, ogg, flac?

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I need FLAC and mp3 for my ipod. Is audiograbber a popular software here?
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I'm not so sure about audiograbber. While I have heard of it, I don't know its feedback around head-fi. But many people seem to believe ripping should be done with software like EAC or dBpoweramp, those are very popular and high quality ripping software, as long as you can configure it properly to your specific hardware.

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I just tried EAC and it does the same thing as audiograbber when ripping. The name of the tracks are not displayed as filename. So instead of getting the song's name as filename it's getting "track 1 to track xx" So I have to rename it one by one. Anyone knows how to fix this?
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I don't think that has anything to do with the ripper whatsoever, but the online databases having data on the specific cds you're ripping.

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If EAC is anything like Max, you should be able to connect with an online database, as Roller said.


Ecamples are freedb, MusicBrainz and Gracenote. As Gracenote is licenced, and MusicBrainz offers a freedb gateway, MB is often the most reasonable choice.


Personally I must say I prefer Gracenote as it is implemented in iTunes.

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EAC connects to freedb

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I have been debating about switching from iTunes to either MediaMonkey or Foobar2000 for quite a while now, as both have the full iPod software compatibility. However, the only reason I have stuck with iTunes this long is for the selection available in the store. For those of you who do use Foobar or MediaMonkey, do you use Amazon mp3?

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We buy CDs and rip them ourselves, and nothing actually prevents you from playing the files you bought on iTunes with MediaMonkey or Foobar.

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what are your guys opinions on winamp. isnt it a good player.

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Yes i am having a same problem with ripping. The rip software does not recognized tracks name so the track's names are "track 1, track 2, track 3 .... etc etc). So then I have to rename it.
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Are they obscure CDs?  I've only had to do this for a few CDs.  Most of them were from the late 80s or early 90s and long OOP.  I don't always like the tags I get from a database, especially for classical, but I usually get something.

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Windows media player, itunes can recognize the tracks name. Only exact audio copy and audiograbber can not. I think it is because of the settings. But I could not figure out how to fix it.
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If it's every CD, it's the settings.  Google EAC freedb settings and you should be able to find what they should be.  The settings in EAC should be right out of the box though.  If it's just a few CDs, they're probably not in freedb, but in Gracenote and what ever media player uses.

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