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X-cans question!

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I have the v2 and x-psu. Everything was fine and then sods law my sennheiser 565's right channel packed up on me. Got a replacement cord for them today and plugged them in to the headphones. Now when I have the headphones plugged in to the amp theres a hissing on the left hand side of the 'phone. Curiously when I swop the leads round the hiss goes on to the right hand side. So my question is, is it the headphones or the amp? The hiss goes as soon as I start playing music at any volume. Is there a problem or am I worrying about nothing?

I seem to remember Raymondlin mentioning this a while ago...
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David, I didn't say there is any hissing. What I asked was there is music coming from the left channel even when the volumn is set to zero. little but audiable.
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I have to ask... how did you kill the driver?

Was it a simple matter of treading on the cord (as what happened with mine a couple of years ago)... or, did you have the X-Cans up too loud? Could've damaged something in there?

OR... slightly more radically... how loud is the hiss in the OLD driver? if your 565s are as old as mine (7 years old) then, maybe the replacement driver is a lot darker sounding, so the brighter one would appear to be hissy? (ok... I'm clutching at straws here!)

I did, whilst my X-Cans was still VERY new have a couple of swishy noises appear in the left channel, but... that went away after about 2 hours, I presumed it was just a part of the warming up process
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Duncan m8 you've been spending to much time on here and getting all technical on me!!!

It's the cord (you know that peice that connects the hp's to the amp!!!) the right channel kept going so I replaced the detachable cords and there WAS a hissing sound but seems to be fading now so it could be warm up of the new cable! By the way the damn replacement cable cost £23.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I should have just swallowed the extra 75 and gone for the 580's any way! Oh well how long is it to pay day now (counts up )

Incidentally I think my 565's are about two three years old!

Any luck on deciding on that new cd player yet by the way??
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Not yet... lol, I'm waiting until payday before I audition any, don't wanna fall in love too soon now do I?

Oh god do the 565s sound awful... seriously closed in (NO soundstage) heavy, opressive, congested compared to the 580s... (Oops... Sorry, they sound lovely really! )

Look on the bright side, that £23.50 you spent on the cable... it fits the 580s so you'll always have a spare one

The only "criticism" of the X-Cans and 580s combo is that it is quite a bit quieter than with the 565s, that is probably an impedance thing though...

It was either yourself or raymondlin that commented on how bad the Marantz headphone jack was... I can now see why... you guys are spoiling me rotten, telling me how to spend my hard earned cash!!
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Well, it wasn't me who said the Marantz headphone jack was crap, I actually think it's quite good. The sound is clear with a good soundstage but I like the X-can's tube sound better.
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Its kinda funny (just looked at all three profiles) just how similar our equipment is... must be a "British" sounding setup we've all got between us

Its funny how different people on different continents have different perceptions of music....
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The ironic thing is that Marantz is Japanese! Only the speakers and my Headphone amp are British! even the interconnector is Dutch!
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Well the damned hissing on the "left" hand side of the phone still hasn't gone, so it looks like a call or e-mail to the dealer is in order! The curious thing is it only started after I replaced the damaged cord (which now looks like it wasnt damaged after all arrgh!) and even more curious is the fact that it swops sides if I swop the cables so they are reversed (ie left is on the right Its a shame this has happened cause up to this point it was sounding quite good Hopefully its nothing serious and I can get it fixed easily enough. At least it happened when it was still under guarantee for a change

Anyone got any ideas as to what the prob is and an easy (ie non expensive ) cure

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