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all round amp for HF-2, W5000 and JH13

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I've never had a headphone amp before, except for the inbuilt one in essence stx. But lately I mostly listen to the music from my laptop or cowon s9, and I want something of similar or better quality to drive all of my headphones, which are hf2, hd598, jh13, soon w5000 and I also have lcd2 in plans. I'm not sure which, solidstate or tube, portable or fullsize. Portability is not important at all, but if there is a good portable one I would rather prefer that, although i listen to music 90% at home, so portability is the last factor. Music preference is melodic/heavy rock, sometimes blues, and most important for me is good sound of electric guitar and male vox. No particular budget, but it needs to be sensible, let's say under $600. 

I was thinking about alo rx mk2, what do you think? Any advices or suggestions are much appreciated, thank you.

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Gilmore Lite will be great with both JH13 and HF-2 but not so much with W5000.  W5000 is extremely picky on amps, the best amp I heard is the matching amp HA5000, I do like it from a maxxed WA6.  LCD-2 does not pair well with GLite and does good with WA6 with the right tubes but not great.

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I suggest the Ibasso PB-2. Massive power, balanced, great sound, opamp rollable, kind of portable, a really great value at $325. It will drive any dynamic and orthodynamic headphone, and even drives the K1000 to decent levels, which is an amazing feat. The rollable opamps can help you tailor the sound to a specific genre, preference, or headphone, which may help you out with the W5000. Here are the links:





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thanks for suggestions guys


the new ibasso amp looks very interesting... woah, so tempting

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So far, the best amp I've heard driving the JH13s is the GS1. I've tried the JH13s with the Protector, Shadow, Pico Slim, M^3 with S11 PSU, DNA Sonnet, Blue Circle SBH and MiniMax.

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