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For Sale: FS> SM3

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For Sale:

Will Ship To: Australia

hi, i have a set of SM3 thats still covered with 6 months of warranty. it has been used very minimally, thus i have decided to sell them off, to someone who would you them more often, probably on the move very regularly.i'm in Brisbane Australia, but im willing to ship internationally.

Price includes international shipping, but buyer has to pay if he wants it to be registered or insured.

Will include carrying case and stock double flanges, which are very comfortable and durable.


selling price is $300 290 OBO.




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Hey mate would you take 250 for your sm3's?

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Hi, i wanted to know how much will it cost to ship them to France?

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It wouldn't cost too much if it's not registered.

Now willing to ship worldwide with normal shipping, included in 290.
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I'm interested in this ;)

Private message sent !

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some interested parties, but no deals yet. bump.

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Hi, Do you ship to Croatia (Europe).

I would buy them for 290 $.

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Still available? Could you drop it to 250$? Im from Philippines :D

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Indeed, are these still available??


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yes they are, drop me a pm.

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check your inbox

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