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Is the Fischer Audio Eterna v1 back?

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Ok, I don't know if I am misreading this, but take a look here:




Under the Eternas, there is a statement that reads the following:


"Back by popular demand, the original Fischer Audio Eterna will be in stock on the 18th of January!"


Am I reading this correctly? I ordered a pair for the gym, but I'm not sure which version I'll be getting.

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Yes, you are reading it correctly. FA is bring back the Eterna v1.

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so are they now in stock? i mean it's the 25th of jan but it says "will be in stock" not "is in stock"

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They are indeed back in stock, the site has been updated to reflect their arrival. They did arrive on the 18th.

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As I understand it, Fischer is located in Russia. The European distributor is GD AudioBase located in...Russia. I ordered the v1 Eternas in December. Today GD AudioBase told me they hope to have them in stock by next week. Nice that they reach Canada before their local distributor. And before you assume they sent them to Canada first because the prices are higher, I assure you that the prices are essentially the same.




Oh well, I just bought a broken pair of Triple.Fi 10s off a fellow Head-Fi'er in Canada. I'll probably receive those and have them repaired before my Eternas even reach GD AudioBase...darthsmile.gif


Best regards,


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I believe the primary reason I have them first is that I have them sent over by courier, and generally have them within a few days of them being sent over. In Russia there are more customs issues and I believe it comes over by normal air freight.

Price has nothing to do with the shipping, and while it may appear that my price is higher, I offer free shipping from Canada to compensate ($7+ value).

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I didn't realize you were from Budgen. You point about price is exactly the same point I was making (i.e., you didn't get them first because your prices are higher, since your prices are basically the exact same as Gd AudioBase's price).


I don't think customs should be an issue, should they? I don't know where the Eternas are manufactured, but I had assumed they were manufactured in Russia. I take it that's not true and they are actually manufactured somewhere in Asia? (If they were manufactured in Russia, there wouldn't be any customs issues when delivering to Gd AudioBase, since they are also in Russia.)


Do you guys ship to Europe?





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Cool! I ordered a pair two days ago since my RE0s broke and I already have the ck10s (which used to be my gym phones until they started to act weird), so I decided I wanted something fun for once. I hope they sound a bit less laid-back than the IE8s. I have those and they sound so thick, it physically (and I'm not kidding about this) makes me feel nauseous. I hate the IE8s with a passion, but I did enjoy the bass.
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