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Multiple Questions?

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Hey I had a couple of questions.

1)Music. Where do you guys dl your music? I feel like my hp are not reaching their full potential because my music i dl is so crappy quality. So where do you dl your music(site in particular) and what are qualifications to a good song?


2)Recently bought AD700s & a zalman mic. I also have a converter that came with the x-11s. so do i need anything else for both to work.. the AD700s should work but I'm not too sure about the mic.


3) As said in another post my uncles birthday is late feb and I'm gonna get him a headset. I think I'm getting him senns but I'm not exactly sure which ones. I wanna get him 555s but i cant find them under 85. Also 515s just might not cut it. I dont wanna be cheap but I dont wanna break my wallet since this is just another excuse for me to buy more hps. 


Sorry for the multiple posts.

Thanks in advance.

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Amazon mp3 downloads are 256 kbps, usually.

CDUniverse stuff is at least 256 kbps.  some of their back catalog is ripped at 320.

problem is, there's no way to know until you've downloaded it which bit rate you'll get.


HDTracks is a dl site that deals in high resolution audio.

they typically offer a lossless WAV, a lossless FLAC, a 320 mp3, and sometimes a lossless 24/96 FLAC (if the album was mastered in high res).

great site, but their stuff is mainly limited to a select few record labels that "care" (chesky, etc.).


don't know what to say about the headphone questions.

good luck w/ those.

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