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Hello everyone!


I had left a thread last week for your advice for a headphone for my needs. After all the suggestions, I'm going to buy a pair of AKG 702.


Now I'm having difficulty choosing an amp! I asked couple of the more experienced headfi'ers privately about it. I'll be listening to jazz mainly, and hearing clear treble is a must. I'm not too familiar with tube amps, so I don't know what I'm getting myself into. I just don't need  too much of a lush sound. I would like to still distinguish rhythms, especially the attack of the cymbals. Other than that, it can be warm. I'll also be listening to some other acoustic/classical music.


I'm looking at Schiit Valhalla, Woo6 and Woo3. They fall within my budget.



So, question #1:

Can someone tell me which among the three amps is best for my needs? Something with the warmth of a tube amp, yet clear in the treble. 



How are the Woo3, Woo6 amps different than the Valhalla in terms of sound? Are the Woo amps worth the $250 difference??



Thanks everyone!