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For Sale: FS: Millett Hybrid Minimax $190

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For Sale:
FS: Millett Hybrid Minimax $190

Will Ship To: CONUS

Up for sale is my Minimax. I've spent a lot of time with this amp, but I've found that I prefer SS amps to tube amps for my grados, so here it is up for sale. 


Included are a pair of 12FM6 tubes, a pair of 12FK6 Tubes (for low impedence headphones like grados), a pair of a pair of GE 12AE6 tubes (Great with Sennheisers, lifts the "veil"). 


These don't have any of the leds installed. I prefer the glow of the tubes to the glow of leds. There are several scratches on the metal case, but it's not that bad.


Price is $190 shipped. I won't go any lower, and I'm already losing a lot of money.

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 This is a excellent sounding amp built by the Millett Hybrid master TomB, how is this MiniMax not taken at $200? 


Anyways, bump for a great sounding amp :)

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Will you ship it internationally?

Is it for 110V?


Thank you

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bump. I'm surprised this hasn't sold yet.

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Wow, me too !

This is ridiculous, a great amp for dynamic cans.

Too bad I'm going all electrostats and iems.

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Hello all, new here. Sent a PM, very interested in purchasing! :]

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This amp is sold! Thanks for looking.

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