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Denon AH-C560R Photo's, First Impressions and Review - Could these be a contender? - Page 2

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I just got these and am quite impressed with them.  Not much burn in - just about 8 hours.  From the get go, they sound better than the Atrio M5 and the IE8.  They may be quite close to the Monster Pro Copper even, very clean and natural sound with very good extension on both ends, without messing up the midrange.  They sound really quite satisfactory and have excellent comfort.  I may end up preferring them over the Monster line after all but yet to give them more burn in time and test them with more music styles, amp and unamped, different tips, etc.

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how are they worn over ear? and have u heard the c710 and could u compare them?


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Same way as any other IEM, just run the cable behind and over your ear and then insert them.  But they are very light and fit perfectly worn down.  The black silicon Skull Candy tips work well.  Have not heard c710 and the c710 does not have a built in mic and have a much shorter cable, so the 560R seem like the better deal.

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Thanks for your review Dweaver, I just bought me a pair of these on special offer at Play.com for £25!  As I've been half-meaning to upgrade from stock buds for my iPhone for a while now, but just for work so not needing a super-special pair, I think these will be great.

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Thats a good price for these. You should enjoy them. Glad my review was of some help.
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I have picked up a pair from play.com also for £25 delivered, I think st that price and going with the review, they are a no brainier.

Good review wink.gif

Many thanks

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Do these iems reduce outside noise at all, aka fit so that you shut out noise? 


I'm researching a cheap'ish alternative for my girlfriend. She's stolen my Westone 4's at the moment and really likes them, but they're a bit outside her price range, and I can get these for about 70 usd in Norway at the moment - they seem ok. Thing is, she commutes by train to her work daily for an hour, so noise reduction is key (not active noise reduction, do mind - just about the same level as my 4's deliver). 

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I have not heard the W4 but I have owned IEM's of similar design and they will have more isolation than the 560R. The 560 isn't horrible though, it is about average for isolation while that other style is above average.
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Is Denon AHC 560R a better option then SoundMagic E10M?
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Just bought a pair. Burning in straight away. Gotta say I was impressed and they sound much better than the new Denon iem line with the exception of the ah-c400 which were great but on the heavy side.
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Just got the C560 (without the mic). The person working at the headphone store recommended this one as I became somewhat lost listening to other IEMs. The demo unit I tried was a bit more in-your-face, with good bass. However, out of the box I found mine to have a very large soundstage though instrument separation could be a bit better (the highs seem a bit rolled off). It's a more laid-back sound than my SHE3590 and the CKM500. They are a tad sibilant but less so than most other IEMs I have owned previously, and the mids are smoother and warmer. The bass could be a bit tighter but that might improve after burn-in as some reviews have noted. It has this "loose" or "wide" feeling to it.


They leak a bit of sound because they have air vents, like the CKM500, although it is not noticeable except in dead silence. The isolation is better though.


Will update when they are burned in.


Day 3 - bass has become tighter, but still lacks "punch". Mids seem a tad bit less wide now.

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I find mine have plenty of punch. And the mids are nice - not recessed like some say

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The bass is more tight now but its impact is "wide". The soundstage feels wider as a result. Mids are very good, maybe a bit warm.

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I'm enjoying mine lots.

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How do they compare against other IEMs at this price point (~80-90$ US)? I don't have any IEMs at this price to compare.


In some ways they are similar to the Audio-Technica CKM500s, as both have a semi-open design thanks to the air vents. The both have a hump on the lower mids towards the mid-bass. My CKM500 broke but if I can recall the sound is a bit thicker and as a result the soundstage sounds more congested. The AH-C560 is overall more neutral, with less bloated bass, a wider soundstage and better treble detail. I think the upper mids are a bit recessed, and not quite as forward as the lower mids. However, on some tracks, the lower-mid hump can hurt the instrument separation (which is otherwise very good). I listened to the intro of Ink by Coldplay and there is a drum part that is mostly drowned out by other instruments. I could hear this part clearer on my Philips SHE3590 (which I bought for less than 20$), but on my ATH-M50x it wasn't very clear either. The AH-C560 has a much more immersive or full sound than the SHE3590 though.


I will post a review when I get the time.

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