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Beats by Dre Studio: Real or Fake

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I just got a pair of beats studio and i have doubts. they are fake or real? i don't know what to say but the sound quality is great, bass crisp and the noise canceling is working. don't have anything to compare with 'cause it's my first pair of beats but i tell u guys..the sound is ok..is loud, clear and all that things... but there are some details that leads me to idea that they are not the real deal. i just made some photos and i snapped the box, cables, manuals, headphones..i mean almost everything ! please reply me and help me to figure out if these are REAL !


Link here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24739046@N02/sets/72157625889310418/

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Did it come with 2 duracell batteries in the box?  


I think they look real.

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the thing is that the guy who gave me ..told me that duracell one is on his Remote-TV and he put me some VARTA in headphones. that leads me to idea that there were no batteries... don't what to say? they look real? jackpins ? box ? everything?

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Honestly, you probably won't get a concrete answer here because the number of people here that would actually know the answer to this are pretty low, since they aren't the most liked/popular headphones, but there's a thread about that here. I'll look for it.

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I read somewhere that if you take the battery cover off the inside should have Dr. Dre's signature in it.

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yeah. i have it! signature of dre & a serial number

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Sweet! Maybe try calling monster and telling them the serial number, that should confirm it I'm assuming :)

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There are many youtube videos that teach you how to differentiate them, but some seem to contradict with the others.    My advice is get it from a brick and mortar store or amazon

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If theres a signature it should be real

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Your airline adapter looks like it has a bit less protrusion to the 3.5mm where your headphones plug in but doesnt seem like a dealbreaker imo



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these headphones seem to have the cable from the first few production runs and the current ones available come from with a right angle plug on one end. Monster stopped selling the version with straight plug more than a year ago. All other items seem to be legit 

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im sorry to tell you , they might be fake from looking at the dr.dre's face on the box


the best way to tell real or fake monster's headphones is from the box, all the fake monster's headphones have scanned and reprinted box, so the picture on the box is darker and blurer than the real ones


http://bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-1060000.html,  the pics with red tag is the real thing



in china , we usally tell from the box without opening the shrink wrap, from the box is lot easier to tell cuz you wont get confused . 


chinese people who own both real and fake studios have posted comparision pics on chinese forums, the actual headphones have very very lil differences if you dont put them side by side you cant tell, i dont think the head monster can tell if you just give him some fake dre studio without box

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Monster has their own blacklist dealers, check to see if you bought yours from there.

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i just took more time looking at your pics, i can almost be sure they are fake. i could be wrong


1 Engraving of studio on the inner headband

2 dre's face and heaphone case on the box(cant see where dre's ear connects to his head ,  the case is blacker and darker lack of detail)

3 cable jacks

4 "monster" letters on the side of the case



  from what i heard at best buy studio is very colored, vocal is thin.  they are clear and bass heavy. lots of details

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^Best buy sources are horrible


Hey can you take a picture of the 3.5mm to 6.5mm converter? Theres a big difference there. The real ones look quite fancy.

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