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Cable TV frequencies?

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I was just listening to MTV and thinking how little bass there was when compared to CDs and maybe even FM radio. So, what's the "frequency response" of cable TV? 60Hz-10kHz ?

I tried searching on the web, but all I could get were the frequencies at which the signals are transmitted (channel x = frequency y).
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depends on the monitor electronics , some are better than others.If you either use the TV internal amp and speakers or take the feed to your main amp from the TV audio out jacks you go through the internal electronics first.Can be a really good 30 hz to 15 khz or a sh*tty 60 hz to 10khz.
But take the feed to your amp from a DSS receiver or Digital Cable box and you get near CD quality audio.
But there can actually be a downside to this-there are times when you really DON'T want or need a full range dynamic signal such as watching the news ,late night viewing , etc.
The way I set up my system is to use an AV switch box AND an RF switch box (coax) with feeds from the DSS,DVD,VCR,Video Game,and TV AV outputs.I then select how I want to watch/listen (hi or low fidelity)
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I have my digital cable box (brand: scientific atlanta?) hooked to my receiver. With my provider, all channels below 100 are the regular cable signal, not digital. Then, everything above that is digital, with better picture and sound. You can easily tell when a channel is digital because when you switch to it, you see the MPEG "loading" in blocks.

Anyway, the "problem" is not with the digital channels: those are excellent. But the "regular" cable doesn't sound that extended. Maybe the "tv tuner" section of the digicable box isn't that good. I'll try the one from my VCR to see.
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if you are getting a "pixleized" screen everytime you load a channel then you may have a defective box or the gain of the lead in cable is too low.you could try an inline amp on the coax or if that fails bring the box in for a test (saves the cost of a housecall).
Even the low band channels should sound good and put out a good stereo spread,and the digital channels should load fast and clean.
And your idea with the vcr is a good one.many times it will have a superior tuner section (especially the JVC models,known for good sound)
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