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Most powerful portable amp

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Want most power for Sennheiser HD650.  Future purchase will probably be Denon D-5000,Tesla T1,LCD-2.  I have narrowed it down to Headstage Arrow,RSA 71A,Lisa 3{L3},and Stepdance.  Battery life or size, is not a factor or price. I'm looking for highest sound quality and power to drive future high impedance phones. Not interested in balanced amp.   I've read posts that said the Stepdance had to be cranked up to 3O'Clock with HD650.  Any other portable more powerful?

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You cant go wrong with a Meier, great price and free delivery! :D Jan is a great guy to deal with! I would probably pass on the Arrow as delivery/build times are insane unless you buy second hand. Havent had much to do with RSA or Lisa Amps.

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Ibasso PB2, Lisa, E9, XM5 with BUF 634 634)))) and Stepdance.

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If size and battery life is not a factor and only SQ is important, I'd recommend Lisa.

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Thanks for the replies so far but no one has mentioned The RSA SR71A -How does it compare with Stepdance?  Is Lisa3 available yet?

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The Lisa 3 has been available for several years - you just order one and wait in the queue. I suspect that you are referring to the 'L3', and I believe that is also available on the same basis.

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I haven't heard the SR71A.  My friend has heard the SR71, SR71A and Lisa and he thinks that SR71A is not in the same league as the other two.  It's unlikely that you can buy SR71 though and SR71 is another brick (I know you don't mind).


Hope this helps.

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The SR71 and SR71a are among the most powerful single ended portable amps ever made.  They have 18v available with their dual 9v batteries and they both sound great.  I trialed an HD650 from the SR71 and it did OK.  I spent more time with those amps with a K701 and they were very good for a transportable rig.  

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Pb2, sr71b, stepdance.

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Originally Posted by GreenLeo View Post

If size and battery life is not a factor and only SQ is important, I'd recommend Lisa.

So you have compared all of those amps mentioned and the Lisa came out on top? How was it better than the others?

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For some of those amps which ones are really portable that I can carry around with it while listening to music on my Minidisc?  I need something great that can match the RS-1is when I do my walks with them on.  

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i have only tried the lisa 3 when it comes to portable amps. I will say though it outperforms a lot of the small desktop amps and it powered my denons perfectly which most tube amps and small ss amps cant do.

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Is it just me, or are we back to the elephant in the room here ? OK, I'm forced to use a large font with this:




We really don't care that your wallet will hate you - just take one for the team and win the undying admiration of your Head-Fi peers.  We already have Skylab's comparison of the L3/SR71B/Stepdance, and we know why iBasso's latest offerings werent included in his later reviews - we really cant ask any more of Rob, so clearly its time for someone else to step up to the sacrificial altar, er, plate. Even if it means going without food for a week or two, I really think the gear cred must be worth it :)


(For those thinking 'You first, estreeter ! You must think we are made of money !', ask yourself if this is *not* the aforementioned elephant in the room)

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King Styles -Which Denons?  I can't decide D-5000 or D-7000.  I've read in some posts that the D-5000 out performs the 7000.

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The ibasso D6 looks to be a little powerhouse.

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