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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post


First, many SACDs are priced the same as Red Book and there are many affordable ones. Even when they are a dollar or two more, I happily pay it. The difference is worth it.Second, most SACD players have excellent internal DACs. Thinking that you "need" an external DAC is snobbery. Digital conversion is a solved problem. The biggest difference between digital sources is power output. If you level match digital sources, they're eerily similar. So you don't have to run a DAC unless you actually need one, like when using a computer-as-source. Even then, paying a lot for a DAC is mostly a waste. That is unless you're trying to impress people with how much you paid for your rig. In that case, buy the most expensive stuff you can afford and a certain segment of the audiophile community will be jealous. That's worth the money, right?Third, SACD is a successful niche product. You don't have to sell to everyone to turn a profit. But SACD sells enough to justify its existence. It has taken over the role that reel-to-reel had. Reel was never a monstrous commercial success, but it sounds great and sold enough to exist for a long time as a high-end format. Today, SACD is the high-end format.If you think the demand isn't there, go look at prices for OOP discs on eBay. The prices wouldn't be climbing if people didn't want them. SACD will be around for awhile more. No, you won't get the latest Bieber disc on SACD, but high-quality classical and jazz will keep coming. A lot of us happily pay for it - something that can't be said of popular music.

Agree with 99.9% of this post.  Having just got into collecting SACD and DVD-A I'm hungry for more and actively seeking out deals for music on those formats.  I have several SACDs I purchased several years back, but never invested in a player, just listened to the redbook layer.  I'm kicking myself in the ass for not getting into it sooner.  An incredible listening experience.  MFSL is still putting out Hybrid SACD titles, so thank God for that.  Currently my two favorite reference quality SACDs are Avalon and Dark Side of the Moon.

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well...first post...

i came here by searching the net for a buyer´s kind of guide...and this forum was the best the net has to offer to my needs and that for many many reasons!

this seems to be not just like a real community (we´ll see;) but also a strong center of information i depend on;)

there is so much music i like but even plenty more i don´t or really dislike...very few i really love...

i know this could easily become off-topic- reference and good old CDs...but this is my medium together with vinyl.


anja garbarek - briefly shaken

massive attack - heligoland

est - strange place to snow

zero 7 - when it falls

primus - hallucino genetics


well, that´s my list and my dac is some thing in my 15 year-pioneer - pd-s505 wich goes through the musical fidelity e10 straight to my b&w matrix 2.

the anja garbarek is especially nice!

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Originally Posted by akart View Post

No, I have not looked at DVD-A. I wonder how many labels produce DVD-A recordings. Although if it does allow digital out, I would check it out for sure.



akart, that market for DVD-audio disc is about dried up.....All the used DVD-A disc are mostly the old standards..Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, ETC. ETC. and used, they want big bucks for them, I'm talking (on Audiogon) 55 bucks and up.....I have multiple copies of most of these disc on Vinyl, CD'a many Mo-Fi Gold disc! So i'll buy New DVD-A disc that are not going to break the bank...The last 3 were new from Amozon,  The Beatles "love" (great) almost as good as my Vinyl copy...Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (better then the Mo-fi Gold Disc) Diana Krall "Best Of" (excellent) Paul Simon "Your the One"  as Good as the LP.....Steely Dan-"Gaucho" (very Good, beats the Vinyl)..The Best deal and Artist was by Big Head Todd/monsters.....I got it for $3.00 at Amoeba music in LA...Should have bought every DVD-A disc they had......So Great sound Just slim Pickings on that format......As far as my equipment for  a"universal player" I got one of the Oppo Players that does them all, but I prefer going through my Dac........U.E. can say and believe what he wants about the great Quality of even cheap players having Good Dacs, That's, His right to believe in!  But, I look and listen to a good dac with the extra functions verses the stock Dac, and there's no comparison IMO. and My Dac is at least 6 "yrs old" and wasn't a super big buck dac to start with but what a difference it makes with my Headphone System!!!...........Remember this is MO using MY EARS......and plenty of other sources in my collection to compare each disc or Vinyl..........with each other.....  

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I've been listening a lot to some of the albums recommended in this thread, and have found some new favorites. Especially Adele - Live at the Royal Albert Hall and Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon are amazing!

This thread is a real gold mine :beyersmile: 


Edit: And also very old I realized... But still awesome!

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Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live

Dido - Life For Rent

Sissel - All Good Things

Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms

Dire Straits - On Every Street

Jane Zhang - Listen to Jane Z Live

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(moved to a different thread where it fits better)

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All the late era Steely Dan and Donald Fagen really impress me. Fagen really knows what he's doing in this area. The fact that the music is also great is a plus too.

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Originally Posted by Peccz View Post


Especially Adele - Live at the Royal Albert Hall ...


Isn't Adele badly compressed? I did not listen to her music myself, but I remember someone reporting Adeles music as one of the worst examples of the loudness war.

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Originally Posted by mironathetin View Post

Isn't Adele badly compressed? I did not listen to her music myself, but I remember someone reporting Adeles music as one of the worst examples of the loudness war.

Yeah, I've noticed that as well after some new investments and tweaking of my sound source, there is a lot of distortion. However, the sound stage is awesome and the music is great! But now when I listen to it, it's kind of hard not to hear the distortion...

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Mezzanine is one of my top reference albums as well.  Digs deep into that low end.

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