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Sony MDR-10 (Not MDR-R10)

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I found these headphones somewhere in my house. I have no idea how I how them, but they are interesting looking.IMGP2221.JPG




Anyone know what walkman they came with? They are very comfortable, non fatiguing. I could listen to them for probably 5hours, longer than I could listen to my grados. They however sound decent on some things, but very bad on others. ?




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It would be awesome if you actually found a pair of R10s...

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MDR-10 signals the original price range:  <$10.


Koss KSC75 will be 10 times better for only $10 more -- sticking with the '10' theme.

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Wow! My old headphones in 1987!

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I just noticed this recent post. I recall I sold them to a Frenchman on here for $60. I hope he's enjoying them, I couldn't understand why he spent that much, but he was very nice, and paid promptly.
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