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Audeze LCD-2 VS JH16 (maybe JH-3A)

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Have someone listen to them both?


How would you describe them against each other?


positive - negative?

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I am very interested too.  I had the LCD-2 and absolutely loved them.  I sold them to fund another toy.  Now I am leaning toward the JH16 do to versatility.  But I would love to hear about there sonic differences and similiarities...thanks

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You'll have to ask yourself what you're looking for.  LCD2s definitely have the upper hand in overall sound quality, but I won't consider the JH16s as too far off.  The thing you have to realize is that the sheer size of the LCD2 makes it less appealing as a portable solution.  I still like the sound, but I invested in speakers that blow both out the water as well.  Since I only used the LCD2s at home, they've been sitting around unused for the last couple of months.  The JH16s are small and convenient enough that I can take them just about anywhere.  For that I'm willing to sacrifice a small bit of SQ.

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I have JH16 and tried LCD2. I can say one thing, lcd's has less detail and sound same fantastic, the discomfort from wearing audeze is a killer.

Its just simply a pleasure killer that cant help. it just 100g too heavy and nothing can change that.


the quite mind blowing solution that has same quality is... phonak 232 which simply makes me all time wondering how earphones for 400 quid can sound same if not sometimes better tha jh16 or lcd :\ ??? My source is HM-901 and some custom builds too so I know what Im saying.


I still love the smoothness of lcd but you cant wear it for long (unless your skull is massive). the most comfortable and rich are phonak's 232 but they leak some sound, the jh16 have ZERO sound leakage (but worse comfort, maybe i should remould them).


If not sound leakage Phonak 232 is a all round winner here (i bet it will surprise many, u must try to see).

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