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Hi everyone, I need a new amp mainly for my home rig but since I mostly use iems a portable will do, might also be nice with my iphone 4 on the go. I am deciding between the rsa mustang and the headstage shadow. The price difference does not matter to me and both battery times would be long enough.  I think since I am blind the arrow might be quite confusing to me at first but I guess I would be able to get used to it. I dont think i would need all the extra features of the shadow so for me its down to sound quality and signature and size. I wonder if anyone has heard both the 3g shadow (not sure what the differences are in the generations) and the mustang and could describe both their sound signatures to me as well as overall quality? At the moment I dont use fullsize cans but I also wonder which is the most powerful? Size and wight would also be nice. Thanks in advance for any information, Greetings, Anouk,