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The irony here is that there were comments about the new Sony ZX-1000s where people said they looked too bland for TOTL headphones.


I agree with Jude's and other peoples' comments about the Shure SH-440s and 840s.  If the sound quality is similar, then it means you're paying a bit extra for the bling of the Skullcandys. That's what people buy them for, though.

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The skull is... epic...

But I won't use them if they suck compared to others I can buy.  I still keep the opinion that the black ones(which imo look awesome) have my eyes.  I'll be looking forward to reviews and comparison to other headphones in the $250 range(like the DT770/Pro)

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who knew? im intrigued but very skeptical, I will have to hear it to believe it, and I wont buy it until I hear it.


on another note, I am glad that they are taking steps in the right direction, if they can throw their clout with tweenies in the right direction (true audiophilia) then I applaud the effort.

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i  won't be buying  any scull candys any time soon but ill stop badmouthing them to my friends at least.

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Originally Posted by Marximus View Post

  I might characterize them as groovy. 


I think you're my new hero.






(That makes you totally weird, but I think you'll be able to deal with it.)

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After my expieriance with skullcandy customer support, I can assure you I won't be buying them, that said I can't lie, they do have a nice look to them.

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Originally Posted by Marximus View Post

First impressions regarding the Aviators (brown and gold)...

The packaging is very solid.  Not blister packaging, but everything was very well secured, and I had to manhandle it a bit to get the accessories out of the back end (behind the display part).  Build quality is okay.  The driver sections themselves feel pretty good, but the headphone cable is very thin, kind of disheartening for $150 headphones (paying for looks, I know, I know), and the headband section feels a bit flimsy.  The addition of a soft case and cleaning cloth are nice touches (the case kind of looks like a purse for women's hygiene products, though).  They're smaller than I thought.  Some might argue that the Denon D1001s are supraaural, but when I had them, they were circumaural for me.  The Aviators have smaller ear sections, and they feel a bit claustrophobic.  For someone with larger ears, they'd almost certainly be supraaural.  That doesn't mean they're uncomfortable, though.  They're quite lightweight and comfortable, and there's not a lot of clamping force.  Still not quite in the class of the upper-level Denons, but decent enough to where I could see myself wearing these for a few hours.  I might mention also that they're fully extended on my noggin, so if someone has a big head, they could get uncomfortable (reference:  my D5000s are three notches extended).

Comfort and aesthetics only get you so far.  How do they sound?  Well...they're not bad.  With no EQ, running straight out of my uDAC-2, they sound a bit wonky.  Good bass impact, but the highs can sound a bit shrill, and they sound a bit thin/hollow.  There's decent instrument separation and detail, though.  They have a forward sound to them.  I don't give up that easily, though, and tried them with my E9 amp, as well as activating the Bass Booster EQ, to add a bit of warmth.  This is more like it.  The bass impact is great, and has the nice addition of some warmth; they don't sound as hollow/thin anymore.  Still good detail and separation.  Pretty forward, but in a fun, enjoyable way.  I might characterize them as groovy.  IIRC, they remind me a fair amount of the D1001s, although perhaps a bit brighter.  Are they worth $150, when my mistress DT 150s are only $50 more?  No, I don't think so.  But is Skullcandy headed in the right direction?  Yes.  I could see someone paying in the $100 range for these.  Of course, YMMV, but with my setup, and Bass Booster on, I think they're certainly worth a listen.  Good start, Skullcandy.  But please, change your name.  It just has a bad taste in my mouth.  (I like the Toyota/Lexus idea.)

I will add pictures shortly.

great review! 

also, if tyll says they sound good, they must sound good.

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Yeah...my opinion of these continue to improve.  These sound *good*.  Unequalized, IMO, they sound better than the DT 150s, either equalized or not.  These are also superior in comfort.  I won't say I prefer them to my D5000s, but they're still a very enjoyable listen.  I believe Jude used the correct term when he described them as resolving.  Except for my reservations regarding build quality and aesthetics, I think they're fairly priced at $150.

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They probably know how much smack we talk about them, haha.

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Say Marximus you say the cable is the weak point in the unit? Looking at it do you think the lead can be replaced with some better wiring? 


I have to say comparing it with the D1001 and the DT150 has piqued my interest. I do like to mess around with low to mid-fi cans in the names of science hehe.. normal_smile%20.gif


Imagine a fully balanced aviator lol

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Originally Posted by marcusd View Post


Imagine a fully balanced aviator lol

That reminds me of this guy who decided to recable stock earbuds with Cardas cable xD

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You have to give him credit for trying.. all in the name of this hobby of ours ;)

Originally Posted by LizardKing1 View Post

Originally Posted by marcusd View Post


Imagine a fully balanced aviator lol

That reminds me of this guy who decided to recable stock earbuds with Cardas cable xD

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Originally Posted by Kiiskinen View Post

The thing is though, at that price range you have TONS of options. TONS of competition, from brands that have already secured their place at the top. For a 'new' brand to join them up there, they'd have to pull off something amazing and then some. I don't think it's about what they sound like all that much, it's about why anyone would choose Skullcandy over, say, Grado, Sennheiser, beyer...


If you had 100k€ to spend on a car, would you rather spend it on a 100k€ Merc, BMW, Audi, Aston etc. or a 100k€ Lada (if Lada had a model that expensive), Skoda...?


Of course it's the right direction, but I personally can't get over the whole gimmicky image they've created -- and the logo is just plain embarrassing, even though the Aviators do look nice.


I'd get one over a  Grado, Senn, Beyer, etc. I've done it before, I'll do it again  (is proud owner of the Beats Solo HD).


The car analogy is also wated on me as I don't understand cars at all. :)  100k Euros? I'll buy myself a Kia Picanto and use the rest to buy gadgets. I need a new gaming laptop...

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I'm not super knowledgeable with DIY, for fear of breaking expensive things, but here's a picture, if that helps you decide.  I think the cable issue is kind of a placebo effect thing.  If they kept it the exact same cable, but made the sheath like, two or three times thicker, I'd be happy.


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Hmm, you can see right where the main cable connects and where the connector cable (not sure what the technical term is for it) connects. looks like an easy solder job. 

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