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why foobar?

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first of all sorry! it's my 3rd post of couple of minutes!

but i was wondering why you guys like footbar more than winamp or anyother player? i have listened to it and i didn't like it honestly, it sounded like winamp and + winamp has loads of more features!

and winamp with dsp sounds ever better!

Creative Audigy2
Cambridge SoundWorks Digital 2.1
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You may like Foobar better.
I think you'll find it has quite a few features.
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First, you're using a fairly midrange set of speakers. Not to diss them; I've got Boston Acoustics BA735 (2.1)'s, and they're fine for casual background listening or gaming where you just want some whoomph, but for detailed listening, you're going to want some cans.

Second, you mention WinAMP with DSP on... which means you're likely used to over-processed sound already. So quick; get out now, while you still can!

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It's hard to say why you like Winamp more that Foobar. Most people here after listening for a while prefer Foobar. It's sound is open and airy which is nice for critical listening. Make sure you have the resampler and bit rate settings configured correctly for the card you are using and that you have the DSP's on for them.
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what winamp dsp(s) are you referring to?
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It's hard to say why you like Winamp more that Foobar. Most people here after listening for a while prefer Foobar
i listened to footbar and must say that it's damn much better than winamp!

awesome soft!

yak - i was referring to "DSP for winamp", DSP is the name
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I just say that Foobar and Winamp is more preference.

I use foobar because I love it's interface. It has what I wanted out of Winamp, in an album list form. Also, to me, the Equalizer seems to sound better on foobar than it does on Winamp.

I have my foobar set up so that my albums are ReplayGained in Album mode, 32bit fixed-point output with strong ATH noise shaping dither. Also, using the Resampler to resample to 48khz, and Kernal streaming.
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Are you referring to Winamp5? I havn't really tried that yet. Winamp has a lot of plugins support but foobar has alot built in with the "special" download.

I like foobar because of it's high internal resolution, sample rate conversion, replay gain, clipping limiters, advanced disk writer which I use for transcoding, convolver plugin (which I use as parametric EQ for headphone and room correction),
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foobar 24bit direct sound 2.0 ---> spidf coax to onkyo reciever = win!
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Originally posted by PYROTAK
foobar 24bit direct sound 2.0 ---> spidf coax to onkyo reciever = win!
boo - kernel streaming is where it's at!

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Maybe I'm just retarded, but I never could get kernel streaming to work with my Sonica. I've seen others do KS with the Sonica though... I have the latest drivers from
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Don't use the latest driver, use 1205.
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Interesting, anywhere I can download that version? It is working with 1102 on the original driver CD though. Wierd!

Edit: Wow, Winamp really has a pronounced tin can type noise too it. It sucks! This Foobar is awesome!

Edit: Nope, turns out it was the SSRC. What a difference these 770s make! Heh...
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Yeah it's weird because KS was working on the older drivers but not the later ones. I don't know what they fixed but broke this. *shrug*

Here's 1205
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Sweet, thanks!
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