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I've been switching between plugging my uDAC into a powered USB hub and the built-in ports on my notebook.


However, the hub is fully loaded, and the included wall-wart can only supply a maximum of 400mW per port when all ports are maxed out, vs the 500mW that is normally the maximum. Not all devices currently connected use the full 4/500mW allotment.


Now I've noticed an audible difference between the two different ports when using the built-in amplifier, which leads me to question how much power the uDAC components really demand?


The bass impact when plugged in to the powered hub is slightly hollower when compared to the built-in port, leading me to believe that the amplifier section is not receiving as much current.


However, the difference when using the DAC only (when connected to a desktop amp) is much smaller, and may only be placebo.


Is there any technical data on this? No power requirements are posted on the Nuforce site.