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Denon AH-D2000 + Icon Hdp = Good?

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I have a question regarding this combination. I have had the Icon HDP for about a month now and i love it! However, when I plugged my Shure SE530 in I couldn't crank the volume more than a tad over 9 o'clock without my head exploding. The hiss of the Icon is still present at that volume. Shure have an impedance of about 36 ohm while the Denons have 25ohm. Does this mean that the Denons will be seriously loud at 9 o'clock+ ? If anyone has experience with this combination or a similar one please share your thoughts. I can get them at a great price so I am asking if I should go get them or should I pick up another set that has more impedance.


Thank you, have a nice day.

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I would expect that the Denons would be pretty loud at 9, yes. I'll be able to let you know definitively next Tuesday.  

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Thank you, please let me know how it sounds when you get your HDP!

If I were to put a 60-80 ohm resistor on each of the channels would this get rid of the problem ? Or do you have any other suggestions?

Which headphones would you recommend for use with the Icon HDP without being too loud and having some bass for listeing to electronic music? My budget is 400 EUR.

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No, the Denon will not be as loud as your in-ear due to the difference in sensetivity (dB/mw)

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Thanks for your input. The HD595 has 50ohm and 112dB/mw and the Denons have 25ohm and 106 dB/mw . Is this about the same or is there a formula to calculate how loud it will be at a given current?

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I have the Icon HDP dac/amp, HD595 headphones, and Denon D5000s.  They are about the same, but I would say that the Denons require a bit more volume input to achieve the same loudness level.  A majority of my music is 320 kbps mp3 files or FLAC, and I connect to the HDP with a USB cable, with my computer and source volume set at maximum.  I've found that the lowest possible setting on the HDP amp, where the left and right channels are closely balanced, is a bit too loud for me.  I will lower the volume setting on the source to about 80-90% when listening for extended periods of time.


I'm not convinced that I have the right amp for my D5000s.  The problem is that the NuForce amp only has about 90°s of useful volume control settings.  In a veritcal position, the volume switch is off at the 7 o'clock position.  I can't hear anything until about the 8:15 position, and then it is only in the left channel until about 8:45, with the 9:00 setting about where I find both left and right channels at equal volume.  From 9 to 10 o'clock, the increase in volume is huge, from 10-12 the volume increase is considerable, but less impactful the closer I approach 12.  Beyond the 12 o'clock setting, I can't really tell if there is much of a change.  It is only a very slight difference from position 11:30 through to 3 o'clock.  I would never listen to music this loud for more than 10-15 seconds, but it suggests to me that the Icon HDP could really use a gain setting to make better use of the volume knob travel.


I thought I was done shopping for an amp, but now I am seriously considering getting an Audio-gd FUN, which was specifically tested using my favorite headphones, the D5000.  Also, the specs on that amp indicate that it is considerably more powerful than the HDP, which would make me feel more comfortable about getting headphones with a much higher impedance in the future.  The HDP's channel balance issue and noisy volume control knob are a bit of a let down. 


Despite all of my complaining, I do love the headphone/amp combo, it is a great value, especially if you make use of all of the connections, and it has a very small footprint.  It should sound great with the D2000, but if you have more space available, you might want to at least consider the FUN.  I've read a few comments from people that have used both amps, but I don't recall which headphones they were using.

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I usually have my volume at 11 o'clock, but could even turn up to 12 if the recording isn't too loud (I like to blast my music sometimes). You either have very sensitive hearings or there may be an issue with your volume pot. Few months ago there was someone from the HDP thread who claimed to listen to HD800 only at 9 o'clock, which in my experience doesn't make sense at all. I said it was the volume pot, since mine was very smooth unlike his (and your) experience. He said it was our ears, that he was more sensitive than I was. Maybe it was both, who knows.

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Originally Posted by ieatm3s View Post

Thanks for your input. The HD595 has 50ohm and 112dB/mw and the Denons have 25ohm and 106 dB/mw . Is this about the same or is there a formula to calculate how loud it will be at a given current?

I just compared the two headphones, and yes they seem about the same. To me HD595 sounds bit louder but this may be due to their upfront midrange whereas D2000's a bit recessed.

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I have the HDP and the D7000 and find that it is an extremely good combination. I listen at about 11 o clock just to give you an idea of how it does with it. 

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Thank you all for your info. Looks like i'll be trying out the Denons in the near future :) And a question for future reference: What is the best thing to make the denons sound even better, recabling, wooden cups, mods.. etc.. ?


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I have the HDP with a pair of stock D2000 and I am very happy with this combination. Depending on the different recording levels of my music files, the volume range that I listen can be from just past 9 o'clock (vertical) to sometimes 2 o'clock or more if I feel like having a bit of a blast with some tracks. I had the same concerns as you because of the Denon's low impedance and thought I would not be able to use much of the HDP's volume range, but this is not the case. Also I have virtually no hiss unless it it on the recording. Some people love the Denons and some people can't tolerate them, but I think in general it is said that they are good value for money, even spending some extra money on modding.

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