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OK thnx very much for the answer, i'll probably give it a try.


Are there other known ear pad replacement possibilities for the pro700s? Except the one of the M50s, the DT250s or the other Shure head phones...


Maybe a pair of round ear pads like the original ones? What about the ones for the Pioneer HDJ-2000? Any experiences?


I appreciate any ideas...

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Hey, i have the 750dj's and the v-moda crossfade LP's. For me the V-modas sound better all around but, i think it may be because the 750dj's fit is not as tight as i'd want it to be. When i put a very little bit of pressure on the sides they sound much better, do you guys know of any ways i can fix this? thanks

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I just got my Shure's, and I'm loving 'em. I was using a pair of Sennheiser HD202's, so they're a pretty big step up. I've been using them with Windows Media Player, and they sound great. What would you guys suggest as a good first Amp/Dac to pair with these phones?

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Just got these.

Should I get an E7 or E6/E11 for this? Which would work better? Never bought an amp or DAC before. 
Right now it's plugged into my laptop and it sounds kinda flat and far away, but when I turn up the volume it just sounds really harsh. I was wondering if an amp would help. Would an amp overpower them since these technically have pretty low impedance? 


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Originally Posted by oyster View Post

If you think stock 750dj are great, you should definitely try modding them. Here is a simple trick:


-> remove pads

-> using a double sided tape(like with some thickness) cut a narrow strip (1cm) & apply it to the inner edge of pads.

-> If you apply tape on the outer edge , there is greater clamping force so avoid this.

-> Fix the pads onto the plastic cups



->Feels softer/Added depth to pads that prevents your ear from touching the plastic cups.


->Blacker background

->Slightly aggressive sound



Before applying tape what can be done is , remove pads -> place them onto plastic cups -> wear & feel the difference -> If u like the result apply tape


Remove pad from one cup -> Leave other one as it is -> Place the removed pad onto plastic cup -> Wear -> You'll easily notice that there is a veil one one end while the other has blacker background & is very clear


Try this mod, but with a cut out strip of cardboard with about half an inch of width. Make sure the length is just the right size so it fits under and around the inner edge of the pads. This improves the comfort level 10x as your ears are no longer touching the drivers and improves the sound quality up a notch. Biggest difference I noticed what that the bass sounded fuller and clearer. Been wearing this mod for about a year now. Let me know what you guys think!

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