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SM3 Vs UM3x vs ?

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Okay I'm sorry that I'm making another thread though from what I've read no one has as much diversity in their library as I do. I've been reading SM3's and UM3x since about 2 months ago, My uncle got me to get him a pair and for some reason my ADD didn't kick in and make me shred that damn box open....


My music tastes: I'll go from A-Z in my library with the ones that I believe would help give you guys  a better understanding of which 1 I would prefer, AND NO I CAN'T TRY THEM Australia is a a-hole when it comes to anything to do with hobbies. Useless.


AC/DC - Alicia Keys- All That Remains- Army of the Pharaohs - Atreyu

Benny Benassi- The Black Dahlia Murder- Black Eyed Peas- Bliss n Eso

Calvin Harris- Carpathian- Cascada- Chris Brown - City & Colour- Cold Play

D12- David Guetta- Danzig- A Day To Remember


Okay this is going to take forever but I literally mean things from Buble, to Parkway Drive, To Devildriver


1. I do enjoy "bass" though only at the gym since I can't have it sounding anemic and no these won't be used at the gym, at home I listen to flat EQ, gym => a bit of EQ.

2. I SWEAR THESE ARE MY LAST EVER PURCHASE OF ANYTHING HEAD-FI TILL JUNE WHEN I GET 6 months BREAK FROM UNI!  I hate you head-fi I'm 18 I've spent more money on earphones than I have towards anything else in my life

3. Mum will probably shoot me if i buy another IEM, so please help me decide which ones!


I'M SORRY FOR SUCH A LONGGG question thingo but I would really appreciate any help/advice I could get. THANKS =)





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I can't speak for the um3x but I have; Breakage, Runrig, Phillip Glass and Sebastien Tellier along with many others all on my DAP at the moment and the sm3 cope very well with virtually any genre I listen too. They are very revealing of bad sources and tip dependent but they sound great. They were too bassy for my tastes but very capable.

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Thanks for that Marcus really appreciate it.
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You may want to search for a thread by Music_4321 who did extensive listening to these (and others). His observations are very detailed and revealing...

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This was the one with the comparison with his um3x es3x ck100 and se535?
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Um yeah, maybe... but I believe he does discuss the SM3, and why he sold it in favour of the UM3x. But I've seen so much about this, maybe I'm just confused... rolleyes.gif

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ahaha sorry, I don't think the music genres he listens to are the same as mine.

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I understand, but type or style of music is only part of the equation.

Two people will like to listen to the exact same music in different ways. For dubstep, you can get some who prefer a certain tonality and some who don't. Not everyone wants to hear it the same.

It's more about the preference for a particular presentation or sonic signature. Some will like a big fat bass regardless of what they listen to... others will gravitate to a brighter sound... for all their tracks.


Sure there are also many who want thin for some styles and fat for others, everyone will be different. For example, I tend to like the same type of representation (almost) regardless of musical style, from hard-driving to layed-back. I like the sound of a particular IEM or full-sized can, and that's the sound I prefer 99% of the time. Certain moods will also dictate which cans I pick up. Sometimes I'm just in a 'mood' for a particular tone.


Anyway, I don't think there are any absolutes or rules here. Some who listen to only classical may enjoy the same cans as someone who only listens to electronica. Good is good... for you... for any genre.

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I read your thread again music and even most of the ones I've read before, I've come to the conclusion that I'll wait for the Westone 4 as if I rush into things and purchase the SM3/UM3x before it comes out I may get the head-fi fever and end up getting them out of impulse... So I guess i'll wait for more reviews/impressions of the westone 4 and well wait for it to get released and finally make my decision there.


Reading one of the reviews that it has a better cable over the westone 3 is enough to make me want to pay an extra $80 or so for it, though again the UM3x is so tempting due to the cable...

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^^  Sounds like a very wise decision. Just bear in mind that to get a better sense of what a new IEM sounds like or how good it really is, you need to wait 3 -6 months so that the FOTM (flavour of the month) phase passes. Practically all new (and expensive) IEMs go through this phase and are, therefore, considered the best thing since sliced bread. Recent examples are the SM3 & SE535. Of course, at the end of the day there's nothing like trying out things for yourself, but that can be costly.


As for the detachable cables debate, I personally like to have the possibility of replacing the cable down the line if it suddenly 'died' on me, and I'm one of those who actually looks after their gear pretty well. That was the main reason I bought my ES3X (customs) in the first place. At the time there was no UM3X with detachable cables. If there been one at the time, I'd probably not have considered such an expensive ($850) set of customs.


Good luck! 

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thanks mate! appreciate it, though quick question out of like brief memory how would you compare the UM3x bass to the SF5 pros? quantity wise, i know the quality would be much higher in the Um3x but just wondering...

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I find the SM3's to be absolutely wonderful. While they are an expensive purchase, I stopped visiting head-fi as soon as they arrived in the mail as I didnt feel I needed anything better. It cured me.
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Originally Posted by borkt View Post

I find the SM3's to be absolutely wonderful. While they are an expensive purchase, I stopped visiting head-fi as soon as they arrived in the mail as I didnt feel I needed anything better. It cured me.

Apparently that's not quite true.  rolleyes.gif


wink_face.gif  ksc75smile.gif

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Just a question for music_4321. Are you always using an amp with your Sony A847 when you're UM3x are connected? Or can it drive them alone without problem?

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