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Quality IEMs with removable cord. Budget of $200.

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I have been cycling through at least 2 pairs of headphones a year now - the cable never seems to last too long with how often I use them (several hours each day). I have done a lot of research on IEMs and it seems that as soon as I found one I like, I discover something bad about them (bad cable, bad fit, no warranty for cord, replacement cord very hard to find, etc.). The ones I am planning on buying ATM are the UE Super.Fi 5 Pro.


So, my question is...is there anything better with a budget of $200? The cable has to be replaceable and of course sound quality is of the highest importance. Fit is also important because I seem to have smaller ears then normal. I would also appreciate any reviews/testimonials you have regarding the super.fi's, as I'm considering purchasing them this or next week at the latest.

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If you always go through earphones that quickly, you should change your question to, which earphones have the best/most comprehensive warranty. IME UE's cables are not the best, also the fit is very unusual, I couldn't get along with it at all.

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I purchased skullcandys before because of their excellent warranty - they sent me a replacement set for free once I sent in my old broken one - but sound quality of their updated headphones just doesn't cut it. And cable noise is pretty ridiculous. If I get an IEM with replaceable cables I'll just spend $20 on new cables instead of buying the whole unit. Do you know of any durable phones that will last me over 1 year?


Also, can the superfis I mentioned be worn like normal phones (ie not behind the ear)? What other phones could you suggest?


Thanks a lot for the quick response by the way. The community on these forums is terrific. I've been using it for all my audio research for the past 3 years :)

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Panasonic HJE900, SA6, SE425, DBA-02, IE7(on sale for $169), Westone 2, SM2 and JVC FX500.

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Great recomentations! I especially like the Westone's you mentioned. Unfortunately, almost all are out of my price range. I'd also love it to have a replaceable cable, at least for peace of mind. After looking up more reviews on the superfi's, Lots of people seem to be complaining about the quality of the cable, specifically the part that goes around the ears. I'm starting to have second thoughts. Ideally I'd like to buy the IE8's but don't have that sort of money laying around at the moment.

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used TF10, replaceable cabling, sound quality is comparable to a 'top tier" IEM, because they are, the current price just doesn't reflect it, about $120 and under in the used market



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Excellent! I am leaning a bit more towards the UM2s if they have a removable cable, but the TF10s are also a good option. Can anyone comment on the cable quality of the TF10s? I've read a lot of complaints regarding the cabling on the SF5 pro, hopefully the TF10 didn't inherit this problem.

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It all depends on your use (Concerning the cable of the TF10s). I went through 5 cables within the one year warranty. It wasn't until I got the right angle connector that it lasted beyond the average of 2.04 months/cable. So TF10s are nice once you replace the cable with something better like a westone cable. Slight SQ change but not significant. TF10s are my favs though...

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Ah, so the Westones do have a removable cable :D




I think these are exactly what I am looking for. Is anyone 100% sure the cable is replaceable? The reviews are great, and they also look amazing :)


Edit: I use my phones a lot - from running, biking and using them on the bus everyday they get quite a bit of use. I take them in and out quite a bit as well, so I can hear people talking, etc. At home I prefer to use my stereo system, so I won't be using them at my desk too often. Not only will the cable get physical use, but it will be exposed to Canadian winters. If the cable is bad, it will practically turn solid and crack.

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The ones you linked don't, these do:




You did say a budget of $200! As to whether they're worth it, i'm not best placed to answer as I bought the w2 on the day I tried the um2 (which doesn't have removable cables).

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Westone makes both a version with and without removable cable so check before ordering!

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Panasonic HJE900 are great to my ears and have replaceable cable but i don't know how easy is to find it. Check it out mate :)

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$275 is a little much. So, should I go for a UE set and replace the cable with a Westone? I like what the reviews are for the UEs (TF, superfi, etc...) but the cable probably won't last me long. Can you point me to a Westone or other hier-end cable that is compatible with the TF10 or SF5 pro?

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Originally Posted by ZARIM View Post

Panasonic HJE900, SA6, SE425, DBA-02, IE7(on sale for $169), Westone 2, SM2 and JVC FX500.


dba-02s don't have a removable cable, and build quality is not all that fantastic...good enough for me, and the DIY style cable is relatively high quality, but not up to what op is talking about...
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 Of the ones mentioned above only the HJE900, SA6, Shure 425 and Westone 2 have removeable cables. 

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