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Cowon S9 Help -- Playlists from PC to Device (MediaMonkey or JetAudio)

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Been trying to use MediaMonkey (not Gold) to create playlists to send to Cowon S9 and the songs aren't showing up. 


They are in the MediaMonkey playlist and I tried both syncing that playlist and sending it directly to Cowon device. When I power on the S9 the playlist is there, but no songs are in it. 


Conversely, when I try creating the Playlist in JetAudio and dragging it to the Playlist folder on the Cowon, it doesn't show the playlist but the songs are sync'd. 


Any help? Is there a better program to use than MediaMonkey?

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Which USB mode are you using? MTP or MSC? I always use MTP with my S9 and playlists work great. Many prefer the drag and drop mode of MSC, but then the playlist syncing doesn't seem to work.


I also use Mediamonkey, and it works without problems when my S9 is in MTP mode. If you prefer MSC mode perhaps this solution might work.

Remember that if you use MTP mode and then switch to MSC mode, all your playlists will be wiped out. I only switch to MSC mode when I update firmware and after that I have to resync the playlists in MTP mode. But I have no problems with that.

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Thanks, you were correct, I was using MSC-  just switched it to MTP since I had no playlists. Are there any issues with using MTP when you have a relatively large library (I'm pushing about 120gigs). I assume not, just wondering if there would be any potential issues since I can't sync my whole library anyways. 


Also, is it worth upgrading to MediaMonkey Gold? 

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I do not think that MediaMonkey gold is worth it. I just use MediaMonkey to transfer music to my DAP:s. For other things I use other free software. For tagging, I use MP3 Tag. It is much better then MediaMonkey if you want to tag multiple artists or albums at the same time. For ripping CD:s I use Exact Audio Copy to rip to wav and then CDEX with the latest LAME version to convert to MP3.


I'm not sure if you use FLAC or some other format instead of MP3, but for MP3, it is much better to use special software such as what I use, than what is built into MediaMonkey.


My 32GB S9 has got less than 10 MB free right now. It's filled with music and movies, and I have had no problems transferring music to it using MediaMonkey when the S9 already has got over 30GB on it...

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Thanks for the program recommendations and confirming that I don't need Gold. I couldn't really even find a list of what Gold had that regular didn't. 


Yeah, I don't rip too many CDs anymore, but that MP3 tagger will be extremely useful since I've been getting really frustrated with the way that the tags have transfered to the device. 


Again, appreciate the input. Thanks.

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You're welcome. I have noticed that MediaMonkey can do strange things with tagging, such as create two entries for "year" and also one entry for "artist" and one for "artist name". I just use "artist", "album", "genre", "title", "track number" and "year". With MP3 tag it is very easy to get an overview and remove reduntant tags. So I certainly recommend it. Especially since it is free and also very easy to use.

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I know this is super old but thank you so much for the information because I just purchased a Cowon S9 and wow was it difficult trying to understand how to ID3 as well as place cover art on the files. I am using Windows Media Player because it's the easiest method. I am now in the process of deleting and re-syncing my music with the appropriate tags and art. A+ post

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For Cowons, having a "cover.jpg" picture in the album folder with the music files will sync the album art.  MediaMonkey is also one of the few media managers that will sync jpg files to Cowons at the full Cowon display rates.  Not sure about the S9, but the J3 display is 272x272 and I save all my cover.jpg files at 300x300 and they look fantastic.

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I just use MP3 Tag it's much easier.
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Originally Posted by H20Fidelity View Post

I just use MP3 Tag it's much easier.

MP3Tag is a great program. L3000.gif

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I'd be lost without MP3Tag!

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