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to be honest , i think you will be dispointed just like me if you really want mid bass,  Gold's bass is more like very well texture sub bass the bass is very present, overall the gold got really good detail, speration is great,   they got very lil bass (not talking just sub bass or mid bass) compare to home/car stereo or my previous koss portapro,  not saying they are bad, as a matter of fact they are the bang for the bucks, they are great IEMs, its bass heavy but they are not bass monsters


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Just ordered the Golds with Controltalk for $219 shipped from onecall. Looking forward to comparing them to the regular Turbines which sound pretty decent to this bass head - I just wanted more significant bass impact. I was planning on going for the Coppers but wanted to make sure I was getting the most balanced bass heavy iem with controls and a mic and they need to stand up to heavy daily use. I avoided open box because Monster doesn't honor their awesome warranty unless you are the original owner and bought them new from an authorized dealer.

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I am very curious to see how the Golds stack up after having read so many threads on the pros and cons of the Turbine line. The regular Turbines I just bought refurbished for $50 are really growing on me. I've been using a Sony IEM for the last few months and it's hard to go back after a few days with the Turbines. Unfortunately, I do most of my music listening on the go with my phone. Hopefully more mid and top tier IEMs will be available with a mic and a control button but for now the controltalk Gold's seemed the best option for me. Mine should be arriving tomorrow!

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They're closest in balance to the Copper although perhaps a bit more forward. The Coppers have more 'air' and ultimate extension at the extreme top but the difference isn't huge and the M3s have a better overall treble balance. The Coppers inexplicably sound 'shut-in' and lacking on the high end?


They extend better but are lacking in the high-end?  I'm lost.  Copper treble is a touch overly bright IMO.  If the sound is shut-in you need to space the IEM's out further to balance the sound.  Coppers are notorious for insertion depth and like to be almost on the edge of falling out when I heard them.  You shouldn't wear Coppers the same way you do Golds/MDs IMO.


The coppers sound recessed in the mids compared to the M3s IMO. The M3s have presence that's missing with the coppers.  The big thing for me tho'? Speed. To my ear? Excellent transient response. The Turbine Coppers don't keep up. Bass is well articulated, and while the ultimate quantity is slightly less than the coppers the overall balance is much better. 


The mids are the weakest link on the Coppers IMO.  Too dry and lean compared to the treble and bass.  Recessed isn't the right word really.  More pushed back, no, more completely different in character to the rest of the spectrum.  The mids are analytical while the treble and bass are more 'fun'.  I noticed a similar signature on the Studio Pros.  seems to be Monster's target for 'reference' sound.


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@OP: I started using my HTC Droid Incredible but found that they were slightly lacking in power to drive the Golds. Bass was decent, but lacking the impact I heard using my home stereo. I spent some time at the Apple store and found that the Nano(6G), the iPod Touch(4G) and the iPhone 4(Verizon) all powered the Golds very well. Today I bought a Sansa Clip + and it does the trick as well.


I'm very happy my new Golds (and first $200 IEM) over the last few days. I really like the bass - it's not perfect, but the quantity is there and it doesn't overwhelm the rest of the spectrum, though it certainly is pushing the envelope with 1 of the included tips. Just what I was hoping for, mind you my ears aren't that sensitive due to some irresponsible listening practices when I was a kid. I agree with others that the Golds are a significant jump up from the regular Turbines on all fronts. Although the Turbines are very listenable, the Golds take that core sound and improve the detail, sound stage and impact in great measure.


I was surprised that I was not able to get a seal with the Super tips, except for 1 pair of foams though the bass is reduced significantly. Only the regular tips give me the super subwoofer effect and those are the ones I prefer. Sony Hybrids are a slightly more comfortable 2nd place option and they tone down the bass just a bit, which I assume many people will prefer.



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the trubine gold do sound like a subwoofer, that low end rumble is very exciting


gold respones very good to EQing, they dont sound disordered after EQ, you can just rockbox your clip+ turn the mid bass up a lil bit if you want more impact, it wouldnt do much but its better than nothing

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Which frequencies are the mid-bass? To play with EQing.

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