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For Sale: SOLD Grado SR225, Used

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For Sale:
SOLD Grado SR225, Used

Will Ship To: US CANADA


Last month I decided to upgrade from my AD700's to the Grado sound. So, I purchased both SR225's and SR325is's to make a decision, and settled on the 325is.


The 225's were bought used, but are in great shape. The pads have clearly been worn, but I recently washed them. I still think the sennheiser 414 pads would help their comfort.


Interestingly enough, when compared side by side, it is amazing how similar these two models are. The 325is has only slightly more detail and soundstage, and I would go as far as to say the 225's have better bass impact, while a little more muddy.


Anyhow, selling these for 150$ plus 14$ shipping CON US. If farther, I will have to get an actual shipping price for ya. This is the price I bought them for last month, not trying to turn a profit. Included is the 1/4 to 3.5 Jack adapter.




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Those are 225, not 225i.
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And you can tell this how? The person I bought them from showed me the box, they are SR225i.

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The -i version has a mushroom shaped cup. This pair is definitely a SR225, not a SR225i.

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well that is frustrating. Seems I was lied 2.

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updated listing.

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