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Hard choise headphones

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I'm looking for a pair of new headphones and i arrested myself in two modeles:


AKG Q460


Audio Technica ATH ES-7


I can't choose between those two because i like the look of the AKG but i don't really know how about its sound..but i listen to hip hop and electro music and ,obviously,I like bassesrolleyes.gif

Furthermore,the Audio Technica cost 50€ more than the AKG and I don't know if this price difference is very justified


Thanks in advance and sorry for my English redface.gif

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Bump smily_headphones1.gif

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I'm not someone that got so much experience here,

but i just love how all AKG's 'phones sound, they make great products. I own K420 and it sounded "fun" also the sound quality is just great for it's price, I've never heard how Q460 sounded before but it should be great.


Btw, if you like the bass, AKG K518DJ or K181DJ may be better choice for you than Q460s, they're something like subwoofers attached to your ears lol basshead.gif


ATH make great products too, but to me, their phones just doesn't have that "fun" factor that AKGs have. And I recommend ATH M50 more than ES7, it's like one of the best 'phones ATH have ever made.

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