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Inexpensive amp for RE262 - Page 2

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try digizoid zo it helps 262's by adding bass and boosting entire frequency spectrum.

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If one wanted that, why not get a bass monster IEM instead?

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The E11 does wonderfully with my 262's - With bass setting at 1, high gain, high power, seems to work a treat redface.gif

I actually went and stole the Mini^3 I sold to my dad and although it does add a lot of clarity and lifts them from being quite dry, I still prefer the E11 with these.


The E6 actually does ok, but I need to add a slight bit of EQ from either my Cowon or Clip+ with them - So I'm just sticking with the E11 for now

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i have seen many HF saying that 262's get nicely paired with ZO you can go checkout ZO review page.Under 100$ i think this is the best amplifier.

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JDSLabs CMOY seems to be a good pairing.

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So is there a significant benefit from amping the 262's as opposed to using them directly from a DAP (such as the iPod classic)? In desperate need of some new IEM's and the 262 seem to tick all the boxes except that they are (apparently) hard to drive. I'm not sure if I want to be carrying an amp around just yet.


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I'm expecting my RE-262 later this week.


I have the PA2V2 however did not find much difference with the RE-0 or HF-5 other than slight  increase in bass.


Would the iBasso T3 make a noticeable difference.

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Just got them today. When comparing direct out of the Sansa Fuze+ vs through the PA2V2, I find the PA2V2 slightly veiled and slightly punchier base.

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I am running my new 262's through an E7 and am very happy with what I hear.  When comparing directly with the output straight from my 5.5g iPod there is a noticeable difference, though I am never really happy with the headphone output on that device.  I do not have any experience with other portable amps though.

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Got my E17 today. Paired with the 262's it makes quite a difference. 

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I just got some 262s and i'm loving the unamped sound already from my ipad2 and iphone 4. They really are a huge step up from anything i've heard before.

Since i don't have experience with amps and want something super small (smaller than my iphone), i was going to get an E6 for them. Is the general view that they need a bit more power than that?

If so, are there any other small, attractive (ie. which don't look homemade) and cheapish which would suit the 262s?
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For the 262's I found the most noticeable difference is  when the mid's peak there can be some harshness. An amp will smooth it out.

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I really like the E7 with 262's, they just seem to compliment them well.

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Originally Posted by tread311 View Post

I really like the E7 with 262's, they just seem to compliment them well.

Can you comment on any difference in sound with and without the E7?

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I paired my Re-262s with the tiny Fireye Mini.  The end result is a much bigger sound than I get without it (sources are an asus laptop and a Clip Zip).  I'm definitely digging this combination.

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