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Inexpensive amp for RE262

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Hi guys. I am about to get some RE262s, but I want to get as much out of them as possible and since they are pretty hard to drive (150 Ohm), I think I will need some sort of a dedicated amp for them. My question is - which inexpensive amp will you recommend for RE262 from your experience? My budget is around $100-$150, but if there exists a decent amp that can improve the sound of unamped RE262s for under $100, I would probably rather get that one.

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you know what, i didnt try mine but id wager the icon mobile would suit them.  if dont remember to come back and say within a couple of days pm me and remind me to.

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Brilliant - you finally took the plunge eh?


I'm eager to hear your thoughts once they arrive. I reckon you'll love em.....


As for amps, I dunno -  I use the Arrow but thats outside your budget.  Am sure you can get plenty recommendations if you ask same question in portable amp forum though....

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Hi guys. I am about to get some RE262s, .

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I would recommend something like the iBasso T3. It's a nice little amp and it works just fine. It's also nice if you have a smaller dap and not one of those with touch screens since the form factor for those players with the amp is nice.


I used the T3 and RE262 a bit and liked it. I didn't use the RE262 very often portable but when I did I had it paired with the T3.


Also I don't really think they are as hard to drive as one would think they would be.

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T3 seems to be one of the best choice on that price range, or if you want, wait for the upcoming FiiO E11. A cmoyBB with AD8620 is around $100 as well, and sound really good to my ear. Or you can try to look for a deal in the for sale forum and see if something life a mini3 will pop up or not.

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Thanks for the advice guys. I will take a look at the iBasso T3 - seems like a pretty good portable amp. For now I will try to use RE262 unamped and will see how it does.

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I can't wait to hear more about the E11. I really want to get a amp to go with the ER4P but I might wait to hear what people say bout the E11. For what its worth the most recommended cheaper amp (from posting in threads and pming individuals) has been the ibasso T3 or T3D. I was asking specifically for the ER4P though.

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would the PA2V2 would be a good match for the re262s?

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would the PA2V2 would be a good match for the re262s?

anyone wanna answer this

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can't tell but the e11 seems to be on it's way to a great reputation.

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Originally Posted by Thecoolguy View Post

would the PA2V2 would be a good match for the re262s?


Originally Posted by Melvins View Post

anyone wanna answer this

If you like it's sound signature then the PA2V2 should be great for them. It will provide all of the power that they need, and shouldn't really change their sound signature much (if at all). From my experience the PA2V2 is a fairly neutral amp.


I haven't heard the re262, with or without the PA2V2, so take this with a grain of salt.

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This review from Heafonia compares the E11 to some other small portable amps. The JDS Cmoy gets lots of love.

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oh very nice review-link, imackler.


But in my opinion, the JDScmoy, does look a bit unconventional.

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Been listening to my pair of 262s paired with a PA2V2 for a couple of months now. Amping greatly improves the quality of the sound and, as noted above the PA2V2 just gives a very neutral boost to the original signature, maybe with a slightly warmer hue. I'd recommend the combination as a relatively inexpensive setup. The overall sound is very impressive.

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