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For Sale: IC: Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
IC: Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10

Will Ship To: Canada/CONUS

The cable for my pair broke, and I'm too lazy to order a new one, so I'm just testing waters to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing it off me.


Includes the earpieces, cleaning tool, attenuator, Comply and silicon tips, and carrying case. Basically everything you get in the box, minus the cable.


Would people be interested in purchasing the set for $100? Alternatively, I can throw in a pair of Super.fi 3 with all the goodies for an additional $30, and you can actually use that cable with the Triple.fi as well.



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YGPM too :)

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Pmed if it falls through...

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Currently pending. Canadians, and people willing to purchase both headphones have priority.

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ill buy them for $130 and pay for shipping if u still have them

let me kno

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I'll take them if everything falls through (unlikely!). I also live in Vancouver, if that helps. :)

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