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I just can't decide

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It seems upgrade-itis has hit me, but I'm torn. Currently looking at the E7, NuForce Icon Mobile, and T3. Obviously my price range is around $100, and I just can't seem to decide which one to go with.


Current setup is as follows:


Fuze->custom LOD->E5/PA2V2->SE530/TF10/MTPC/ER-4S.


Prefer clarity and detail, but not at the expense of bass. Appreciate some feedback.



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Grab the T3.

If you're unsure, the T4 has bass boost, whereas the T3 has a gain selector instead, if I'm not mistaken.

You would have to find a T4 used, I think.

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E7. That way you will know what even a budget DAC does to your system.

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I just ordered the E7 for my iPawd and Thinkpad.  I'm certainly not an audiophile (yet anyways), but I'd be happy to post my impressions when it gets here on friday.

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I had the same thought, yifu. The E7 will be here tomorrow, along with some M50's so I can graduate into a semi big-boy home setup. :)


If I like the E7 I might just have to grab the E9 down the road. 


Thanks guys!

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@Kiwikat - I'm using the E7 on my T400 (running XP SP-3) and it works great. Flawless plug and play. The sound is terrific.


@magic - Great choice. I use them with my M50's and the sound is just tighter and smoother. Pairing it with an E9 gives you a nice setup for under $200.

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Well I've got my new E7 plugged into my iPawd right now.  At first I didn't think it did much but I set the EQ to "2" and its giving me the bass I was getting from my desktop soundcard.  Music on an iPawd shouldn't sound this good!


Others seem to report a drop in the highs and mids at EQ 2 but since the HD25-1 II's are already so good in that range, its acceptable.



EDIT:  I'm actually not sold on 2 yet.  There's a massive difference between 1 and 2.  Why can't they make a 1.5 lol.



This is so bad... (for my wallet!) biggrin.gif


At what point do you become an "audiophile" anyways...?  I think I'm hooked!

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I think you are an audiophile from the time when you are constantly in the pursuit of happiness in the audio world because you are simply not satisfied. In other words, you always want more while most people usually are happy after one or two purchases.

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T3 would be the amp to get. The E7 is good also, but it did not have the driving power to me, and sounded just like the E5 for the most part. 

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