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Perfection in the eyes of deception?

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I always felt compelled to get a pair of Audio Technica es10 headphones, in the near future. So far the price was the only factor that put me off. Recently, however, I read that they use pleather ear pads? How would Audio Technica make such an illogical choice? They are their most expensive headphones of the earsuit lineup, it'd be a real deal-breaker if they used such grotesque materials.


I alway thought Audio Technica had the edge, when it came to finding the perfect balance between form and function. If this proves to be true, then their reputation has been severely stained, in my eyes...

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Their most expensive headphone in the ES line up is the ESW10JPN, but you're right. It's discontinued. Even though the ESW10JPN was so expensive, the design was flawed making it weak at the sides.


Having held the ES10, I don't really remember the pads but they seemed much more durable than the ESW10JPN if that means anything. I did get to hear them too, but unfortunately the W1000X at that time took over most of my attention and I didn't audition it that long.

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