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HD600 buzzing/crackling on old recordings

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I just got a pair of HD600 for Christmas and have been thoroughly enjoying them, except for one little thing.  I have been noticing a tinny buzzy/crackly sound in my left ear.  I only notice it during quiet technical sections of old (1960's and earlier) recordings.  I have been listening to everything (classical, rock, movies...) trying to decide if it is a problem with my headphones or just due to the old recordings technology/conversion to modern digital formats.  


Flac->Foobar->ASIO->Asus STX Essence (high gain +12dB)->HD600


Anyone else experience a similar thing?




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Must be the Senns fault.  Get yourself some of those cans that notch out the highs.  


On second thought, since it is only on certain recordings, it is probably a problem with the source.  Try flipping L to R and see if the problem transfers.

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it's probably most likely the recording, things like hair or dust can cause crackling and buzzing with vinyl and when it was ripped to the computer to be uploaded it recorded all those abnormalities along with it. i do love vinyl recordings but some are just awful on how they were ripped or tried to be converted to digital on a cd.

if you want you can try to get a nice direct drive turntable and plug it up to your computer and start buying the old records for best results cause lot of rips lot of people try to do are not that great. that's if i asumme these are in fact vinyl rips to your computer the way you described your listening arrangement. 

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