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Originally Posted by DarkEthereal View Post

Does anyone know anything about the Creative Soundblaster X-Fi MB3 software suite?

It seems it can offer SBX Pro without having to purchase a creative soundcard.

I already use a cheap and cheerful Xonar DG soundcard, and I was wondering if the creative software would work with it, or whether it would only work with realtek onboard sound or something.
If it would work, I'd consider purchasing it, since I've heard good things about it compared to Dolby Headphone.


I've been experimenting with it a bit on my notebook, but Windows 10 was a bit of a wake-up call in that volume adjustment no longer works properly.


With the X-Fi MB3 device as the default, it's either mute or whatever your Realtek volume's set at, and because the native Realtek device is NOT the default, that's not what gets adjusted by the volume controls.


This wasn't a problem in Windows 8.1, so who knows if Creative's ever going to fix it...

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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Yeah, the (very expensive) Smyth Realizer is pretty much ideal except in cost.

Weren't you around for discussion of "the dongle?" Was around (before or just after) the X7 release, because that was the first computer-independent (non-Smyth) headphone DSP device with an optical out. And we had hoped it might be able to output a headphone mix, but your method has been (so far) the only one that worked (without ADC).

Side note, wonder if your method could also have been possible with the cheaper Recon3D USB?

Well, the DSP dongle would be pretty much perfect here. That's what I'm hoping the Sound Blaster G5 would be. But, if it really works with both PC and consoles, and it does output SBX through optical then it would probably be THE virtual surround device here.


As for the What U Hear trick, it's not actually my method. NamelessPFG figured it out years ago, I just brought it here. And yes, it should work on any combination of audio devices.


Originally Posted by rudyae86 View Post

I'm intrigued by this "dongle" You Gus speak of..... and no, not that dongle :P

There was a discussion here about a year ago about the perfect virtual surround device, and the consensus was that a perfect device would just be a dongle receiving multichannel audio signal and outputting a two channel signal to an external dac/amp. This would allow much greater customizability than what we have now.

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hi my name is jim and today i bought gamezero sentheizer

i have my asus xonar stx but i have some questions

gamezero is 150 ohms headset but i put the 150 ohms from the amplier from asus stx and the volume was too slow i was putting 100 and in all the games the sound was low

but after i put the 300-600 ohms from the amplier from my asus stx the sound was fantastic and very loud and avesome

my question is will i have problems now which i put 300-600 ohms;;

because gamezero is 150 ohms...

but if i put 150 ohms the sound is very low in alla the games ,,, music and movies

but when i put 300-600 ohms the sound is superb 


because when i put 150 ohms i have low sound

i put in the volume 100 and the sounds looks like 20 and 30


and when i put from the amplier of the asus stx 300-600 ohms the sound was fantastic and the sound was blow my ears very fanstastic

so did i do something bad;;;

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look in the asus stx software is telling me 

normal gain or for 64ohms headsets

high gain for 300 ohms headsets

extra high gain for 300--600ohms headsets

when i choose the high gain for 300 ohms headsets when i was playing games ,,,or music 

i was puting the volume at 100 and the sound was too low 

but when i choose the extra high gain for 300--600ohms headsets 
the sound was very loud and i was very impresed

do you understand what i mean now;;

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It might be a driver problem. Have you used the Uni drivers? They are waaaaay better than the Asus Drivers.
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Originally Posted by Astonish View Post

Alright, so quick update on my quest to find a closed back headphone for competitive gaming. I've narrowed it down to the final two contenders, either the AKG K553 Pro or the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32 Ohm. Either headphone would be used with a unidirectional ModMic 4.0 and Astro's new MixAmp Pro TR (which honestly looks like a great update to the MixAmp Pro - especially the EQ tuning). So here are my thoughts on each headphone, as of now. Perhaps someone that has heard both can help me with this final decision!

- AKG K553 Pro: Well, it's a 32 Ohm headphone, so despite the MixAmp being weak these should be driven just fine. It seems like these headphones receive a lot of love/hate, with the consensus being that if you can achieve a proper seal then you will love them. From what I've read, achieving a seal with a smaller head can be difficult, however since I have a rather large head and do not wear glasses I don't think there should be any problem here. I've had experience in the past with my ears touching drivers on narrow headphones (V-Moda M-100 without XL pads, for example) and am concerned that this might happen again with the K553 Pro. Not a huge deal breaker if it does, but perhaps something to consider? As far as sound quality is concerned - again, my main priority is competitive gaming, so I need the most accurate positioning I can get out of a closed set of headphones (they must isolate well for noisy LAN tournaments - and also minimum leakage is a plus because I'll be playing late at night with my girlfriend asleep in the same room).

- Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 32 Ohm: Again, 32 Ohm here, so in theory they should be driven just fine by the MixAmp - however I have read that the sensitivity of these heaphones may require some additional amping to get the most out of them, despite their low impedance (would the MixAmp be enough in this case?). I've read that these have incredibly accurate positioning for a closed headphone, however the strong bass detracts from the ability to take advantage of that imaging in competitive gaming. I'm thinking I can get around this with the new custom EQ'ing in Astro's updated MixAmp Pro TR (would a simple EQ even be enough though?) If the EQ can make these sufficient for competitive gaming then that would be a plus, as I'd be able to take advantage of the DT770's fun sound signature for my music (I like bass in my music - but again, that is not the priority here whatsoever - positioning is #1). I know that I can do the mod with the holes near the yokes to reduce/eliminate the bass, however I'd prefer the MixAmp's EQ solution to easily switch between competing, music, and movies (again, only if the MixAmp EQ is sufficient enough to prevent the DT770's bass from muddying up the positional accuracy of these headphones). Regardless of all these tweaks though, does the DT770 even beat out the K553 in this department?

Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help me out! I really appreciate it.

Just when I thought I had narrowed it down to two (sigh...) I'm now throwing the SoundMAGIC HP150 into the mix. Any final thoughts here on which of these closed back cans will give me the best positional audio for competitive gaming with the new MixAmp Pro TR? Again, I'm down to these three:

- AKG K553 Pro
- Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (32 Ohm Edition)
- SoundMAGIC HP150

Really would love some advice - thanks, guys!
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Originally Posted by cdsa35000 View Post

Ok, the manufacturer don't think there is demand for it?
Did you contact the manufacturer for this function?, It be could be updated in the firmware to pass the processed signal through optical out easily?
It probably is easy to add on a technical level. We have asked Creative, FiiO, and Smyth, but I honestly don't know if there is a lot of demand right now... I figure a lot of gamers still don't know about virtual surround, but the potential for demand is great if gamers start learning about it.

Seeing as how Creative has their own DACs and Amps (if the G5 is anything like the E5 I just got, it's going to be a nice piece of kit and a clear upgrade from the Recon3D/Mixamp days), there might be fear of canibalizing sales from their hardware. However, maybe they don't feel that way, as most of their PC devices have an optical out option? So, that's why I concluded it was a Dolby thing where they won't allow the output, but IDK for sure.
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For the STX, DON'T use the normal gain. All that does is forcibly limit the volume output, it's not changing the impedance. Unless you find your volume moving from low to high too fast, always put the STX at high gain. That's just letting it use all of it's potential. I swear, if you've been complaining about volume WHILE keeping the STX at normal gain, you can only blame yourself.

The labelling of -300-600ohm is just that, a blanket label that doesn't actually mean anything for the STX. It just means that the STX will unlock all it's potential volume. You aren't doing any harm to headphones with that setting. It's still the same impedance, same amp, same everything, just all if it's volume unlocked. Obviously, don't put it so loud that it will blow the drivers. Just put it at your preferred volume.

It can say High gain 600ohm, there will be 24-50ohm headphones (as an example) that WILL need that setting to achieve proper volume.


Companies like Asus need to stop using ohm ratings as a reference to what kind of gain you should use. There are 600ohm headphones that are easily driven in volume, and there are 24ohm headphones that need MORE power than the 600ohm.
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