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I think the opposite. Every headphone I have used (including the DT880) fail horribly in giving me the sense of full 360 space the way DH does. Stereo is more width than anything. Like everything is in a line, as opposed to all around me. Its not even a competition at this point. I wouldn't play a game in stereo unless it was the only option. No headphone gives a real sense of rear audio cues. None I have used.
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He's not talking about plain stereo though.  He's talking about game that have DH-like algorithms built-in to their own sound engine.


At least that's what I think he meant.

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I got that too. Black Ops, Bad Company 2 and some other games have a headphone surround mode that still don't come close to DH to me. Yes, I try those just to see how they compare. Not much can compete with a DSP that places sound all around you. DH is an addiction, and I haven't heard anything that matches it.

I'm quite anal about my surround positional cues. If anything is better than DH, I haven't heard it yet.
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Well there's always legitimate room for disagreement in this area.  The performance of any such algorithm will be linked to how well its HRTF matches your own.  In a mass marketed algorithm that allows for no customization its not surprising that it works better for some people than for others.


Many people tend not to understand that this is caused by physical differences in the shape of a person's ears, head, and torso and just assume that everyone who prefers a different algorithm is crazy or something.

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Well I never said that he's crazy or anything. I specifically stated that to ME, nothing compares to DH. I know there are plenty who agree and who disagree.

Just as some prefer Silent Cinema, CMSS, and other surround DSPs, or just plain stereo.

Just that to me, regular stereo only excels at extreme left and right cues, with very little to discern front/back and overall depth.

People say that DSPs asound artificial, but they don't seem to realize that stereo is just as artificial. We don't hear sounds with just one ear, which a lot of positional cues in stereo mode do unless the sound is more centralized.

Anyways. Still think people should give DH the chance to prove itself, as I know some people who try it once and don't like it because its so different from what they grew accustomed to.

All I know is that going back to stereo is like putting on blinders for me.
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I wasn't saying either of you were.  I was just referring to the fact that I've seen lots of other people act that way.  I'm on your side here.


The first half of this thread is full of the people I am talking about.  First they say that DH sucks (most likely because it doesn't match their own HRTF), which is followed by you politely telling them that this thread is specifically for people who DH does work for, followed by them calling the whole point of the thread invalid and stupid because if it doesn't work for them it can't possibly work for anyone else.


Those are the people who I was saying call other people crazy.  Not you or CK

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Ah ok. I recently got pm'd by someone thanking me for this thread and saying that he was gonna get the K701 with a clip on to hook up to his Onkyo receiver. I had to remind him that the Onkyo probably didn't have DH, and that I couldn't guarantee the same performance without it.

I mean I put it right there in the title and on the first page. It really is RIDICULOUSLY different when using DH on and off. A headphone I recommend might be terrible without DH. I wish people understood this.
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Maybe a big bolded text label at the op of the post would help?


...Although I can't see how anyone could miss all your talk about the Astro mixamp.

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For purely gaming and gaming related sounds ( footsteps etc ) , between the two closed cans - ATH A700 and PC350, which one would you recommend? Any other closed cans?



Thank you

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Any1 knows anything about this newly released product (April 7th) http://www.psykoaudio.com/index.php/Krypt.html - I know 5.1 sets aren't exactly the most liked around here but this product looks somewhat more promissing and it's just been released and I kind of like the features such as openable cup at the back to let background noise in (or possibly change sound a bit as well like with open-back headphones?) and no software or drivers needed, just plug n play and it comes with an amp with adjustable bass level and led indicators for which channels the sounds are coming from and the mic is removable.


More read about their PsykoWave technology (surround implementation) http://www.psykoaudio.com/index.php/PsykoWave-Technology.html



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It's a complete POS. google some reviews and see for yourself..

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Originally Posted by spydur View Post

It's a complete POS. google some reviews and see for yourself..

That's the old Psyko 5.1 set, this Krypton was released a couple of days ago so I doubt I'll find lots of reviews. :p This is an improved set of the original based on the feedback they've received, it states changes in sound quality so it probably uses different drivers.


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i'm interested in the new one.  If they fixed the problems they had in the old one ( that i read about never tried ) . it might be something worth looking into. 

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I agree. The original concept seemed great. I'm glad they revamped the product, and I think if they did it correctly they could have a winner. It all depends on how much they literally made changes based on reviews. Some companies will claim, "We listened to you guys and made changes." But you find out it's the same sh*t different housing. They needed to change quite a few things, and I'm hoping they were able to do so while remaining in budget. 

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I'm confused I thought that the psyko carbon was the new model and there are a few reviews for that, seems they have released 2 models at the same time though, the carbon and the other one mentioned on here, would be interested to know the differences other than the colour changes.

Psyko are also making a console version due out at the end of the year so will be interesting to see how that turns out
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