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Originally Posted by Aspvr View Post

Regarding that splitter I think I've heard somewhere that connecting two sources to a common splitter could potentially damage the sources, is this info correct? anyone knows?

That is very possible. The amp in your sound card could try to drive the amp in your (PS3?) and vis versa causing damage.


You're still better off using a digital splitter.


EDIT: could you please describe your whole setup?

How is the PS3 connected to the E9...


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Thx for all your help guys really


As you can see all i need is to connect the Xonar on the PC to the Amp

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Originally Posted by Xpresser View Post


The DT 990 Premium 250ohm @ Amazon went up from $180 to $299! blink.gif   B&H still has it for $180 though.


Just bought the Sennheiser PC 360 for $189. Looking forward to that arrival. Think I'm going to get the 990 at B&H as well...maybe.


OK it looks like I missed out on this deal and after wait for this long I've decided to just get the DT990PRO - Open Studio Headphones 250 Ohms from Long and Mcquade in Canada. I'm still kicking myself for not jumping on that deal on Amazon considering it went on sale AND was able to ship it to Canada.


But before I go ahead with this I just want to know if there is any difference between the DT990 PRO and the DT990 Premiums.


Considering the 250 Ohms is easier to drive would I be alright with just the mixamp for sound and voice chat?

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Well, I DO love my DT990. They are amazing for music (I use them 80% for that purpose). Regarding games, I have not tested them for multiplayer a lot (since I have K702 for that). On single player and movies, the bass have a good "impact", so explosions and that stuff sound really great. MLE and many ppl say that DT990 are very good for multiplayer too.


How much % you will use them for single player/multiplayer/movies/music? If you do a LOT of multiplayer the PC360 (found at ~$190) are a very all-around headset (with an included mic). Also I heard that with the bass boost of mixamp 5.8 they are good enough that many ppl don't feel the need to reach ther singleplayer headphones.


Do I recommend the DT990? Yes I do. I have not tested them straight out of mixamp since when I do single player, I always connect the E9. I can do some tests if you want.


You can order mixamp 5.8 and DT990 and test them. (MLE says they are cool without mixamp, but sometimes the lack of power can be noticed). If you think something is missing, you can order the E9 too.


If you will only use them for gaming, save cash and just order the PC360 and mixamp 5.8:

140 - mixamp

20 - battery pack

190 - pc360

total: 350.00


Now, if you will use them for music/gaming/movies, the DT990 600 is a very good option, and there I recommend you to get the whole set:

140 - mixamp

20 - battery pack

319 - dt990

200 - e7 (dac)+e9 (amp)

total: 679.00


Basically, depends what you need them for.

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A new contestant has arrived !

I picked up the fisher fa 004 headphones for 40 euros.

They are excelente for multiplayer gaming.

They have  quite a  big soundstage  , balanced sound signature and controled bass.

They are also very detailed and possess great imaging.



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Nice. Did you get them shipped from Russia or bought somewhere else?

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How easy is it to attach a mic to the side of DT990s with velcro?  Do the vents create a problem?



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I'd say sticking a mic directly to the DT990s wouldn't be an easy task. Me and obazabil used the cheap Dealextreme clip on mic (which you clip on your shirt and works much better than the Zalman, and only costs $2.50 or so, though you will wait about a month...).

As for the DT990 straight off the Mixamp... only if you're not using a mic, and with the 600ohm, you may get clipping when deep bass is needed. I'd go for the 32ohm if you plan on gaming without an amp attached.

Though the volume is nearly the same between 32 and 600ohms, the driving force isn't. So getting the 600ohm and underdriving them renders the very subtle improvement of the 600ohm useless, so the 32ohm will sound better because of it.
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So the Dealextreme mic works with the Mixamp?  Because my old Zalman sure didn't (had to scream to get it to pick up).

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Funnily enough I just got my 2 dealextreme mics through the post yesterday and they are great with the mixamp and I also have the zalman mic, tried the dxmic out with my mate on zombies last night and he said the new one is much better than the zalman mic, for the price too you just can't go wrong with them. I managed to win a labtec lva7330 last week on eBay so I've got that to try too but I'm very happy with the dxmic, 100% definitely order it
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I have the Dealextreme still and had the Zalman. I hated the Zalman. Let's you know which is better. wink.gif
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Hello mr envy sir i think your headset/phones gaming guide is excellent and very informative and really gave me some great information and awnsered alot of questions and thoughts about what some headphones sound like and save me the hassle of ordering a pair to see what some sound like.I have a question, I know from your info that the dt990 premium 600 ohm will sound better than the 32ohm on the mixamp but my question is when using the 600ohm with an e9 and the mixamp can I use that 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cable that comes with the wired mixamp as the cable to go from the mixamp headphone out to the e9? You know the one that is used if you want to feed audio from an iPod/phone to the mixamp into the game audio?
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Lol, just MLE is fine. XD

Yes, you can use that cable or any other 3.5mm cable. That's the one I used, actually.

BTW, I never said the 600ohm is better than the 32ohm. In fact, it may be better to get the 32ohm as you may not need to attach an amp after the Mixamp. The Mixamp drove the 32ohm DT880 I had well, though I'm not sure it would work as well with a mic attached.

The 600ohm may be SLIGHTLY better after amping for music, but I'm willing to be the difference is subtle at best. If I was gonna buy a DT990 right now, I'm sure I'd go for the 32ohm because of versatility.
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Ok cool, so reguardless of setup and money if someone said to you for gaming immersion you can choose between an e9 amped dt990 600ohm or a 32ohm unamped, what would you go for?

I think I might have been putting zombie x thoughts as well into the equation when thinking bout the best one for gaming
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Let's just say that when you're GAMING, there's no way you'd pay attention to the subtle differences between the 32ohm and 600ohm.

Bear in mind that Zombie_X himself said the differences were subtle. Also his equipment would factor in some changes.

If I was buying the DT990 at this point, I would definitely go for the 32ohm.

I have a few friends who own 32, 250, and 600ohm DT880s in combinations. They themselves stated no real differences except volume levels. I can attest to the 32ohm DT880 being the best balanced headphone I have heard, even better than the K701. I wouldn't buy a Premium DT going off ohm ratings, but whatever works best for your setup. I think the 32ohms are severely underrated, beccause of the whole 'bigger numbers is better mentality'. Hell, my D7000 is 25ohms and smokes the crap out of anything I've heard to date. I wish I'd have bought the 32ohm DT990 over the 600ohm. Then I wouldn't have had my bass clip with the Mixamp, and may have never part with my DT990s.

Go to the sound science section and you'd see how many people say the DT880s sound almost exactly alike. Differences are blown out of proportion the same way ss amp differences are.
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