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Yes the E17 has treble and bass controls.

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Originally Posted by Hailin View Post

Yes the E17 has treble and bass controls.

Wrong thread? Lol.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Wrong thread? Lol.

Lol. Nope my stupid skim reading doh. 

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Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post


Well, the thing that concerns me about ATI/AMD cards these days happens to be the drivers.


Things weren't so bad when I was using a Radeon 9600 XT under Windows XP, but when I tried a notebook with a Mobility Radeon X2300 (which is actually a DX9.0c part, so it got shunted onto the "legacy" driver structure), the experience was pretty bad.


I also tested out an HD 4850 in my desktop before shipping it to a friend. It performed WORSE than my 8800 GT, contrary to most of the statements I've read. Maybe it improved after Catalyst 8.10 or 8.11, can't remember which of those two I used.


The one advantage I see with going ATI these days, if I really wanted to get into it, is bitcoin mining. Well, that and Eyefinity, but I'm only using a single monitor right now and don't see that changing for a while.


AMD drivers are much better than they were back in 05-07 or whenever the 8800 came out. If you have the money then 680s all the way. I am not a bandwagon fan of the 670s like most people but for 400 bucks you can't beat it. (I love it when AMD and NVidia have price wars!) I'd say go for the 7970s GHz as they are much better than the 7950s for the price. It's also all on what you need and the games you play. The 680s do bench a bit better than the 7970s but then again they came out months afterward. I'd say compare benchmarks and prices and go with what you like. I recommend EVGA, XFX, Sapphire, ASUS, and MSI. Gigabyte isn't bad and Power Color are good budget cards. Galaxy is terrabad. Gigabyte makes good motherboards but their cards are okay. Some cards work better underwater than they do on air too. Come up with an idea, a price, and a list of games and I'll talk to a few PC buds of mine and get a  general consensus. 


Originally Posted by ruuku View Post

I'll let you know once I receive the Q701, but I can only honestly compare with the Q, and not the K series because I've never heard them... should be early next week. I can only compare the AD900s to my DT990Pros, and honestly I think those two are too different in character to give a  fair comparison. I can tell you this though, the fit on the AD900 is love it or hate it, and I hated it. The wing design isn't so bad on paper, but the drivers/driver housing is so big that the lower end of the pads rested on my lower jaw, and it was so uncomfortable that I couldn't stand it for longer than half an hour. Comfort (or lack thereof) definitely added to not wanting to keep it. OTOH the even with the increased clamp on the Pros, they are superb in terms of comfort. I honestly could wear these for hours.


Good to know. I use the Q701 myself and I like them but the fall off my head too easy and I hate that. (I don't really have a large head 7 1/8" hat size)

I also think I'm more prone to closed back because I run fans on my CPU (obv) and also many fans in my room just because it's so hot. Plus my wife and other people in the house so having a way to block out the noise would be nice. I do like how these sound when talking to people. It's very clear and crisp these 701 but being open backs they are very airy. I hope to hear good things about the HP. So which ones are you ordering again?... lol jk.



@whoever. You guys got screwed by those companies when trying to get your gear. They sent you nicer ones then wanted you to pay for their mistake? Sounds like a gimmick to me and a free upgrade.

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So I FINALLY added images to the headphone listings! I know I was getting asked to do this via pm multiple times...

I never did it because that's wtf google is for. Oh well, it looks more professional?
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Ohhhh.... pretty. Definitely looks good. 


I just hope that people READ the descriptions.. I can see postings now that say... I bought model XXXX because it looked coolest to me... but they totally suck. I shouldn't say anything though as I still want a pair of 880s because they look damn good (to me...there's no accounting for taste). 

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The 880s are one of the best looking headphones I've owned, easily. They're also damn good. Probably the best $250 or so headphone I've owned, despite it's slightly inferior positional cues. Seriously, for music, the DT880s at $250 may as well be an endgame headphone. They're that damn good. They do justice to everything, similar to how I feel of the HE400, with a more aggressive treble peak. I mean, there are some people who prefer the DT880 to the T1. That's saying a helluva lot.
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Well I was on the fence as to picking a pair up after the Qs..... Thanks for the decidedly violent push into the must have side... well played sir.

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IMHO, the Q701 is better for gaming, but for music? No brainer, the DT880s by a stretch.
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Sometime soon I'll give you a review on these. My wife uses them more than I do but they are awesome little earbuds for bass heads.


Velodyne Vpulse in ear headphones black.



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SO! This guy on jsp wants a headset for 100 bucks that runs on PC and Xbox. *I'm lost here* This is all you MLE. I couldn't offer any combo with 100 bucks. Oh and it has to be a "good" one. lol





Help Me Find A Good Wireless Headset


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LOL! Turtle beach PX3... that's best I can come up with. Certainly not what I would consider "good" SQ wise, heck its not even Dolby. 


You *could* direct him to this thread... MLE's seems to always be willing to help, confirm with him first though; I certainly don't want to volunteer MLE to help.


IF he's willing to shop around and be waiting on things (doesn't sound like he is though) he could try picking up components here and there. I'm probably going to be selling the AX 720 (5.1) decoder box once I get the mixamp in (ebay seller took longer than a week to ship...grrr....) and probably only looking to get like $40 out of it. Want to do some A/B testing for the 1st page guide before i sell it though. There are deals to be had, but I'm certainly not of the patient sort and would rather pay a little more now than to wait source things together.


Some advice i could give would be to order the DX mike NOW.... If he ends up not using it then he's only out $3. 

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Off topic. MLE, Ryoko, wonderful choice! The Tenchi series are some of my all time favorites. I even have a Tenchi Muyo D20 based players handbook.

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Ryoko is my original fictional love... I like them badass females. I'm currently re-watching everything Tenchi... biggrin.gif

As for a headset that is $100, I honestly can't recommend any. I'd easily recommend something like the AD700+modmic, Creative Aurvana Live+modmic. That's about it. Actual headsets are horrible. He might wanna look into the Steelseries Siberia V2... they might be decent.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Ryoko is my original fictional love... I like them badass females. I'm currently re-watching everything Tenchi... biggrin.gif


Now you're going to make me do the same. I gotta say when it comes to favorite Tenchi ladies, my pick was always for Kiyone or Tsunami. Moreso Kiyone, just because the other half of Tsunami is Sasami, and even though she's a couple hundred years old, she still looks frickin' young. :p


As for the headset, I've never found a headset that sounded better than quality headphones in the sub-$100 range. Get some decent sounding headphones and a modmic. I'm partial to it specifically after owning a certain famous clip-on mic which I felt was crap. Don't know anything about MLE's DX mic firsthand.

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