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Originally Posted by lubczyk View Post

Did you get a response? I'm genuinely curious.

Nope. no answer back.

I sent it to the USA office,

Should have sent it to the one in Japan,

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Just got my Brainwavz HM5 in. Played some Dead Island. Kept running around to quest givers to test voice distance. I haven't had enough time to really test up and down sound placement but front to back is really nice and the distances seem accurate.  It is really great. 

Guns sounded fantastic and natural no boominess to them just a nice crisp snap. These headphones compared to my Portapros and DT990pros are very neutral or flat. All the ranges seem well represented on my E9 and on the E17 iphone. Mids and vocals may be a tad forward not HD598 forward.


Isolation is good about the same as my IEMs. Can still hear back ground noise but the louder noises are toned down. Once music is playing everything floats away.


Now this is based off about an hour of listening. As a closed Dolby alternative they really nice. Now to wait for my CALs to arrive. 


If the AKGs K550 sound anything like the HM5 I am wishing I had bought a pair. Because the clamp on these is vicious. I have read they stretch really well so tonight they go over my computer.


Honestly though if you don't want the case the extra cords and spare pads, free headphone stand and free Fiio E6 get one of the clones.


Wish I could write more details but I haven't had enough time. 

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I'm gonna assume the HM5 is probably better than the CAL, though the CAL will be more fun. Assuming though.

Btw guys, I've updated the first post with an External Microphone section near the bottom of the first post. Hopefully you guys are happy with it. It's not going to grow much from how it is, but if there are more external mic options that a lot of people take a linking to, I will add them to the list, even without my personal impressions, as I'm not going to be buying any mics anytime soon. I'm happy with my DX mic. I will however, not include the Zalman, as it definitely doesn't get my recommendation.
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MLE has plana feeva

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Yep, I sure do.

BTW, here is the microphone section as is...

External Microphones

This section is for external mics to be used with headphones that do not have a mic attached to them (aka Headsets).

I'd add the Zalman clip-on, but I absolutely do not recommend it. Yes, some of you have no issues with it, but I'm not going to recommend anything that I personally think is absolute garbage. Buy at your own risk. I bought it at the time when it was $30 or so, and it was a waste of money. I tossed it without even considering a refund. That's how badly I think of it. I'd take the DX clip-on and the long wait than getting the Zalman quickly.

AntLion ModMic
- I have not personally heard this microphone, but everyone I know who owns it is extremely pleased with how sensitive it is, and how versatile it is with attaching it to your headphones. This one is a high quality, flexible microphone that will make headsets pretty much obsolete. Please note that at the time of this update, the Modmic is SOLD OUT. However, The new version is due out possibly in August which is supposedly an improved version of the existing ModMic.

DX Mini Clip-on microphone (aka DealExtreme Mini Clip-on mic) - This is my baby. It is incredibly cheap ($2.31, and has a free shipping option!). It's a clip on, so it can be clipped on to your headphone's cable or your shirt. The sound quality is similar to the LVA7330, meaning bright, thin, but clear. It's shielding prevents it from picking up unnecessary outside noise (unlike the borderline horrible Zalman clip-on mic, which you need can really only use in a very silent room, picks up all noises, yet you have to scream at the damn thing to pick up your voice clearly). The DX clip-on picks up your voice very easily, and you don't even have to talk loud. Not as elegant as the Antlion, but it's a great mic for those wanting to save money, or as an alternative. For the cost cheaper than a value meal at McDonalds, this one should be ordered by everyone currently looking for a mic.

There is a catch. The DX mic takes a LONG time to reach your hands from the time you place your order. Seriously. It takes around a month's time. So I recommend you order it and forget about it, and then get surprised when it DOES come. Lol.

This is the only mic I own, and I'm 100% satisfied with.

Labtec LVA7330 - Now, I personal purchased this one and can attest to it's sound quality. It sounds almost as good as the built in mic on the Sennheiser PC360, with just a bright, and thinner sound, but still very clear.

The problem with the LVA7330 is that it's not very versatile in that to attach to a headphone, you have to commit to it by sanding off the headband portion (the mic has a perfect area on it to let you know exactly where to sand it off to), and attaching the mic to the headphone permanently, or with double sided velcro. I personally went with the velcro option, and it wasn't pretty, and the mic was too heavy for the velcro and would somewhat come off a bit. While it is a great mic, it's more for DIY-ers, and pretty much has to be permanently attached to your headphones for the cleanest looking setup.

This is a well known mic and popular mic for head-fiers of yesteryear. I'd personally save up the extra cash for the Antlion modmic if you want a full-sized microphone, as it's not permanent, and easier to attach/detach.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I'm gonna assume the HM5 is probably better than the CAL, though the CAL will be more fun. Assuming though.

I am going assume your assumptions are correct. The HM5 is not a fun or musical headphone at all. I had read somewhere that the soundstage is very V-shaped (honestly I have know idea what that even means without more time with them.) and tethered to the left and right so far for me that is not the case at all with DH, though I really do need to try it on some ME3 and order a pair of Shure 940pads.

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Wait, what do the 940 pads do to the sound?
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Wait, what do the 940 pads do to the sound?

That is what I am still trying to find out, lol. Researching that is a pain. I just have to find a place that will sell them to me for less then 50 to 60CAD. 


I really just want them for comfort reasons at this point. The pleather is very soft and comfortable the heat factor not so much.

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And you're sure they fit?
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

And you're sure they fit?

Yup that I know for sure. 

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Okay, so my left driver on the Pro 900 is definitely lacking in treble compared to the right, mostly a driver imbalance (not an issue I have with the HE400), so I'm returning my Pro 900s. I was going to exchange them for another one 9I mentioned this before even owning the HE400, but I rather get the refund. My HE400 is just so good, I don't see the Pro 900 getting any headtime now.

This leaves me open for a closed headphone in the future, though it's not going to be anywhere near a priority. I might re-order the Pro 900s later on. I'll wait for a new closed ortho, if, and when it comes. biggrin.gif
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I like the warm signature of the CAL!.  Will I like the Steelseries 7H?

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Well I got my O2 amp and wow what a difference everything sound so much crisper and louder with my 380 HD Pro's. I am hearing sounds that I never knew were there and could not hear before. I would like to thank everyone that helped me out I greatly appreciate it. Now that I can hear my music and games so much better I am kinda wondering if there are better headphones out there than my 380 HD Pro's. Don't get me wrong I like them allot I am just intrigued by the fact that there might be a better one's that I can buy in the price range 250.00. I was looking at the Q701 will those have a bigger sound-stage and be more immersive than my 380's? If you guys could give me a few suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. 



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Your absolute love for the HE-400 and even returning the Pro900 and not getting a replacement would have been the last thing I would have thought.

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I really need to hear the HE-4 again to see if they have more bass or not.
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