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Where do you enable a dolby headphone?
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I hear the treble is rolled off with no sparkle. That to me is not good treble. I hate when treble is too subdued. Like the ESW9 which a lot of people here on Head-fi love. I thought it was horrible. Sure it had amazing mids and bass, but the treble was 'smooth'. It may as well been called trebleless.

This is why I would never go for headphones like the HD650 and LCD2. I prefer a slight tip towards treble than mids.
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Originally Posted by PsyMed View Post

Where do you enable a dolby headphone?

Enable "Dolby Headphone" with what device or card?

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Useless post, carry on.

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MLE, I mostly agree with your review of the Pro 2900.  Especially when it comes to the soundstage and placement.  I suppose the S-Logic tech just doesn't work with my ears as I really don't get a sense of a normal soundstage with the 2900s.  It feels... fake.  Like the headphone is tricking me into thinking the soundstage is wider than it is.  This may work for some, but for me it becomes distracting after a short time.  Although, like you said, the placement of sounds is very accurate.  It is quite easy to tell where a sound is coming from in a game while wearing the 2900s.  


Unfortunately, I also have a big issue with the fit of these headphones.  The design of the drivers is as such if you don't have them perfectly centered over your ears and head the sound changes drastically.  I have found that if pushed slightly forward on my head the treble detail fades quickly and bass becomes boomy.  If they are slid back just a bit the treble really takes over and they can actually become a bit too bright.  When centered they do sound quite good - with deep, detailed bass and pleasant treble.  


I have a pair of HE400s on their way right now and I fully expect them to surpass the 2900s in every category, especially the soundstage dept.  I will post my impressions later this week or early next week.


Oh, I forgot to mention that my DH setup is like this:  Auzentech Forte SPDIF (Dolby Encoding) --> Turtle Beach DSS --> Matrix m-stage --> headphones


Occasionally I will use CMSS3D as well, but this is a DH thread... ;)


Thanks again for this thread.  Very helpful and informative!

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Don't get your hopes up, HE-400 soundstage is even lesser than HE-500.

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Alright, I got my mixamp pro today and here is a quick review (or better: first impressions) and a few questions:


I tried 3 things: Gaming on Xbox 360 via optical (only COD so far) and movies on Xbox 360 (Apocalypse Now Redux). TV/Sports/Movies on my digital cable box, also via optical. Blu Ray via coax.


Gaming/Movies on Xbox: Just loved it!! It takes a lil getin used to since without the mixamp the sounds are all right there, sort of in front of your ears. With the mixamp on DH at first you get the feeling that sounds are more distant, but that´s exactly what it should do and the overall sound is very, very good. No hiss, nothing.

Same for movies. I tried a helicopter scene with and without DH on a couple of times and DH just adds so much depth and room to the sound. Great.


TV/Sports/Movies: Movies sound great via the cable box as well (only tried one though), TV and sports not so much. I think I´d rather watch this without DH on, even though a lot of stuff is broadcasted in DD 5.1.


Blu Ray: Well, here comes the real downside! I was not able to geht sound via coax. Sound in the menus was there, but not in the movie itself. I guess it´s some sort of format issue... DTS? On what setting do I have to have my blu ray player to get sound through the mixamp??


On last thing: I think the mixamp could drive the DT 990 pro a lil louder. 

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Set your Blu-Ray to NOT play in DTS. DTS won't play on the Mixamp.

Something in the audio settings should bypass DTS and at least do stereo, which the Mixamp will play.

Blu-Rays usually play Dolby Digital only in the previews and menus. Secondary languages should have Dolby.
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Thank you, that helped!

What I did is, I set "digital audio" to "PCM" instead of "bitrate". Whatever hat means ;) Would I also want the PCM-Downsampling on "on" or "off" (96 to 48 kHZ)? I ain´t got no idea what that means. sorry. 

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Just leave that at default.

Bitstream and PCM. PCM I believe is direct signal to 'speakers' no processing like Dolby. Think of it like a basic audio signal..
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And then the mixamp does the processing?

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Not really. Turning DH on is not true DH unless the signal is Dolby Digital. Problem is Blu-Rays mostly do DTS for english audio, so the Mixamp won't work its magic there. Just set it to whatever gets audio to the Mixamp and turn DH off. It'll be stereo audio.
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Well that it is a downside. But thanks anway.

Just tried the Fiio E6 to get a bit more volume and that works fine as well.

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Did you already use the astro a40? I'm in doubt between the a40 and pc360.

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Originally Posted by Fegefeuer View Post

Don't get your hopes up, HE-400 soundstage is even lesser than HE-500.

Is this your opinion based on listening experience?

From what I have read about the HE400s their soundstage is large and they have great separation. I have read that the HE400's soundstage even surpasses the DT990s.
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